Attention, Moms Who Blog

April 28, 2007 @ 1:39 pm | Filed under:

If you…

• find yourself composing posts in your head whenever something funny happens

• find yourself composing posts in your head whenever something annoying happens

• find yourself composing posts in your head pretty much all the time

• are on a constant quest for the perfect banner image

have multiple blogs

• and keep thinking of ideas for more

• think "heavy traffic" is a good thing

• have ever said LOL out loud in real-life conversation

• have ever said "But I blogged about it!" incredulously when a friend or relative didn’t know your toddler had, say, knocked out a tooth

• get a little stressed over how out of date your blogroll is

• can’t resist trying out every new blog platform to come along

• are proud to be a flappy bird, a marauding marsupial, or an adorable rodent

• but aspire to someday become a large mammal

• have attended more carnivals in the past year than in the entire rest of your life put together

• compulsively click your site meter

• keep running lists of funny phrases people have Googled to find your blog

• would rather give up your dishwasher than your feed reader

• wonder how to strike a balance between living life and writing about it

…you are not alone. Join me at CafeMom to talk shop with other blogging mamas!

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    Three Sons and A Princess (Jennefer) says:

    Thanks for the link! I have had a lot of people sign up for the “blog traffic” carnival tomorrow, so hopefully there will be some good information there that we can all use.