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Sorry for the painfully slow page load today. The Blogads code seems to be gumming up the works. I hope to solve the problem soon. I know it’s highly annoying. The ad is only running for a few more days anyway, so if I can’t figure out the problem it’ll disappear before too long.

Also annoying: not being able to change the color of my post titles back to green without losing the fleur de lis icon and therefore having a funky indentation next to the title. That red color is the default for this template, and I changed it in the CSS, but then a couple of months ago Typepad made a change that turned subject titles to live links. That’s a great idea, except that it messed up my CSS and no matter what I do, I can’t get it fixed. I can either have the red titles with the icon, or green (or any color) titles with a blank space where the icon should be. Neither option pleases me. Anybody got a hack for this?

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