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My most popular post ever: “Every Face I Look at Seems Beautiful” (the patience post)

for followups, click on the patience tag

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Posts on Family:

Giving Thanks for Chemo
Guitar-Playing Husband
The Quiet Joy
Who’s on Surp?
The Green Ways of Growing
A Word Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
The Leukemia Notebooks
Lessons Learned During Scott’s Absence

Ain’t That America
The Junkyard Dogs
Our Backyard Gave Us a Going-Away Present
Helices (the Lemon Grove mummy post)

Posts on Home Education:

Tidal Homeschooling
Bubble Gum Math
Why I’m Too Busy NOT to Homeschool
Strategic Strewing
Finding Your Family’s Nature Spots
DUCK! (on habit training)

Around the World with Mr. Putty
Butterflies, or: The Benefits of Strewing
Home Education: Delicious and Nutritious
Nuts, Bolts, and Pegs
The Importance of Atmosphere

Articles on Rabbit-Trailing:

Life on the Trail
Chain Chain Chain
Rabbit-Trailer’s Soundtrack
Favorite Fictional Families

Little House Unit Studies:
(in progress)

The Martha Years
The Charlotte Years

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