Assorted, in Haiku

May 31, 2007 @ 2:50 pm | Filed under:

Registration for
summer Bravewriter courses
begins tomorrow.


Ants in my keyboard:
Not that I would ever eat
cookies while blogging…


Do you know all these
? ‘Merican Heritage
thinks high school grads should.

Most of the words on
that list are entire lines of
haiku by themselves:

obsequious xenophobe


I’m nearly certain
I have counted wrong somewhere.
Are you checking me?

I can’t decide how
many syllables in the
word "entire." Two, three?

Perhaps it depends
on just how Southern you are.
En-tye-err? Ent-ire?

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  1. Avatar

    Christine M says:

    Lovely Haiku. Don’t forget to submit it for poetry Friday. The round up is at Adventures in Daily Living –

  2. Avatar

    Tia says:

    Totally creative and talented post! Love it!

  3. Avatar

    Lisa says:

    Fun post, Lissa! I was counting syllables without even thinking about it… how’d you know? Maybe “entire” technically has 2, but it sure sounds like there’s another 1/2 syllable in there when this lifelong Hoosier says it and I’m sure there are Southerners who can get at least another syllable or two out of it!

  4. Avatar

    Ellen says:

    I thought the Southerners would be the ones pronouncing entire with 2 syllables: en-TARR. Loved the one about the ants!

  5. Avatar

    Theresa says:

    Baa haa!I was counting and entire totally threw me. I know it SHOULD be 2, but goldarn it if it don’t sound like 3 when I say it. Y’all.

  6. Avatar

    Amy says:

    LOL about the ants!

    Glad someone is haikuing around here. 😉 I’m too busy trying to figure out how to knit and grow a baby at the same time, lol. 🙂

  7. Avatar

    Sandyone says:

    As I read, my kids are watching Paula Deen on the Food Network. My vote is for *at least* three syllables.

    Ellen has a good point about en-TARR. Maybe it depends where in the South?