O Automated Voice Answering System, How I Despise Thee

August 29, 2007 @ 12:07 am | Filed under: Uncategorized


Welcome to Aetna Member Services!

To endure an assault upon your sanity, press 1.

To waste approximately 23 minutes of your precious time, press 2.

To speak to an actual live human being who has any interest in hearing about the problem you are desperately trying to solve…

Call your mother.Otherquote

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  1. As I look back over the worst days of my life, they all involve trying to negotiate with a health insurance company. So sorry!

  2. I hear you! and all too unfortunately, am in the midst of living it again…

  3. Oh, how true! And you know what’s worse? The ones you have to TALK TO. I don’t know why I hate those so much more than the “push a button” ones, but I do!

  4. Don’t know if I’ve shared these tips before, but they do seem to work about 75% of the time.

    -if voice automated, clearly say operator regardless of what it asks

    -start pressing “0”

    Either will usually get you a live person, which sometimes isn’t much help either, but often better off than where you were.


  5. In other words:
    “Aetna, I’m NOT glad I met ya”?

  6. well, I don’t know about the “has any interest in hearing about the problem you are desperately trying to solve” part, but as far as the “human” part goes, check gethuman.com–they list how to get straight to a human at Aetna (call 800‑738‑7674 Say “member”; press *0) plus tricks for lots more automated systems.

  7. I usually try ‘0’ too, nothing gets me in a bad mood quicker than not being able to talk to a real person. We have blue cross and they have a voice recognition computer ‘thing’ that does not work, I keep repeating myself and it will not move on or take you to the operator. I started bypassing it. I’m to old, busy and cranky for this kind of fun…

    hope you get it all straightened out.

  8. Ack, isn’t it frustrating!

  9. ROF….that is so true, that’s exactly what it’s like! Thank goodness for moms!