Out of the Mouths of Ten-Year-Olds

October 22, 2008 @ 7:05 am | Filed under: These People Crack Me Up

This one I Twittered yesterday, but in case you missed it: “Mom, is this correct? For men we say ‘fat,’ for women we say ‘overweight’?”

And this one was uttered casually during dinner cleanup by that same dainty daughter: “Mom, do you know what I like best about girl superheroes in comic books? The fighting. Because I’ve always wished I could just punch someone in the nose too.”

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  1. If only I were a girl superhero…

    (That lady in the grocery store with 50 items in the express lane – KAPOW!!!)

    Alas, I am merely a law abiding citizen. However, if GROCERY GIRL ever makes it to print, I’m buying the action figure.

  2. So funny! Thanks for sharing. I never thought about the fat/overweight thing, but it does seem to be true. 😉

  3. My sister recently told me about her German professor having trouble understanding the fat/overweight nuance. She called one female student fat: J. is blonde, fat and short. And really didn’t understand why J. was offended.

    And when asked what the polite word for fat was in German, she was puzzled. There’s only one word for fat and it isn’t considered rude or offensive to use it to describe anyone any more than it is rude to describe someone as tall or blonde.

  4. Love that kid! I can see she hasn’t changed a bit-still feisty. I’m sure Ellie would agree completely about the fighting.

  5. Has she heard how “men sweat” but “women perspire?”

    Unless of course you’re in the South or pregnant, in which case we “glow” on those humid days.

  6. Just to clarify: That was me! You know, I still want to punch someone in the nose… I never have gotten to. YET!