When the Godmother Asks

September 21, 2009 @ 6:58 am | Filed under: Baby, Huck, Photos

for more pictures…


the godmother gets


more pictures. 🙂


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  1. I love these pictures! He’s ADORABLE! We have that onesie, of course we do…they just don’t make many lines of clothing for infant boys.

  2. Oh he is the sweetest thing! My girls are wondering why I’m squealing. We don’t produce blond hair and blue eyes in this family.

  3. Look at those blessings. *sigh* God is glorious, isn’t He? 🙂

    ~ Ellie

  4. Ellie, this is why “How Can I Keep From Singing” pops into my head about fifty times a day. 🙂

  5. Sigh. The godmother is very happy. 🙂

  6. Oh my word, those chubby elbows! I think I just ovulated.

  7. He is seriously cute. Seriously. For real.

    On another note Lissa, I was walking in Boston Common yesterday and was showered with acorns (which hurt, and made me laugh, all at the same time). I thought of you. 🙂

    My computer is back up, so I’ll see ya around.

  8. That first picture is just precious.

  9. oh! So beautiful!!!!

  10. Baby on blanket with books. My favorite alliterative combination!

  11. Bonny baby boy on blue blanket with books at beautiful Balboa! 🙂

  12. Well, if you want to get all adjective-ish about it, LOL.

    Truly, he is a B-B-Blessing!