They Grow Up So Fast

January 15, 2010 @ 4:41 pm | Filed under: Baby, Photos

When Rilla saw this shirt among Huck’s birthday presents (thanks, Grandma!), she said, “We’re going to dress him in MAN clothes!”

Looks like he’s ready for his first job interview, doesn’t he? If the skill set they’re looking for includes eating dust bunnies and ransacking cabinets, he’s a shoo-in.

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  1. Huck has the best hair.

    And cheeks. Do you kiss his face all-day-long??

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I didn’t think he could get any cuter. I am so gaga over those baby blues. And he sure looks like a Huck in that photo.

  3. If he was anywhere near me, I’d kiss him all day. ALL DAY. So adorable.

  4. He’s super cute. All he needs is a little tie (maybe a bow tie).

    Is he wearing pants with a zipper? For the real MANLY effect.

  5. oh my goodness. CURLS! He is just gorgeus 🙂

  6. He could also be hired for “being seriously cute”…

    Ahh… I had one with curls like that, so sweet!

    Happy Birthday Huck!

  7. That is one manly man. I envision him teaching his father about power tools and briefcases.

  8. That is the cutest comment. I hope you recorded that somewhere…fabulous memory.

    The shirt is adorable too…(Good work Grandma!)…but the babe tops it all. He’s darling!