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January 9, 2010 @ 1:09 pm | Filed under:

A quick list of post topics I have in the hopper, lest I forget.

• the ways I use social media and how I might improve/streamline

• making chicken tikka masala and naan for the first time—so yummy!—and a couple of questions I have

• I have more to say about The Kitchen Madonna

• TBR pile crackdown

• kids’ sewing books/kits—I never did do the series of reviews I was planning on this topic back in Lilting House days

• my favorite gardening literature

• I have such a great interview with author Julianna Baggott waiting to be posted! Planned it for last week but more kids got sick. And so it goes…

Feel free to add suggestions in the combox. I know I’ve missed some questions here and there that I meant to answer. 🙂