Dear iPad

January 27, 2010 @ 2:52 pm | Filed under: Computer stuff, iPad

You had me at hello.

Could we move my birthday to April this year?

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  1. I haven’t been so excited over an electronic device since I was in college. Oh, it looks lovely.

  2. I blame my brother for my Apple addiction. I wonder if I could parlay a March birthday into one of those….

  3. My birthday is in April ….

  4. I’m right there with you. Fortunately, I have a spring birthday.

  5. my birthday is in April, but who will get me one?

  6. Oh, yes. Me, too!

  7. I think I’m selling a kidney or a liver segment to get one for my sweet, dear husband for Father’s Day. OMG.

  8. I heard a review of this on All Things Considered this evening. Of course, the female host and female reporter had to point out that there must not have been any women in the room when the Powers That Be at Apple picked that name!

    Looks very sleek, though. Look out, Kindle!

  9. It does look yummy, doesn’t it? I just wish it cost a hundred dollars less.

  10. My husband is right there with you 🙂

    I mentioned you on my blog today!

  11. LOL me too 🙂 Kind of glad I have held off on e-readers…

  12. Me, too. I’m thinking that by my birthday in July they’ll have any possible kinks worked out, and maybe I’ll have time by then to save up the money it costs.

  13. Think it’s time to overcome my Luddite disinterest in such things in time for my April birthday…