Not at all an ordinary day

September 9, 2011 @ 8:25 am | Filed under:

Big adventure yesterday! Spent a wonderful morning at the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference—Rilla particularly enjoyed the art room, as you can see—and arrived home about five minutes after the Great SoCal Blackout began. We’re heading back up to the conference now (some of us), so I’ll have to save the stories for later. Wound up being quite a fun evening, all in all, but we are VERY grateful to have power restored this morning. I know many of our East Coast friends had to endure much longer outages—it can be brutal, seriously. The San Diego heat wave seems to have broken this morning, too, so that’s another thing to be thankful for.

More later!

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    Lisa says:

    I heard about your power problems on the way in to work this morning. What a mess! The conference does sound really fun!

  2. Avatar

    sharkbytes says:

    Looks like a fun art day!

  3. Avatar

    Silvia says:

    Hope you have an awesome time at the conference. Maybe we’ll fly out for it next year. 🙂