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Vermont, Post-Irene

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“I ended up bushwhacking through the hillsides to avoid the ravines that now stood where the road used to be. The road was gone. Sure, little stretches remained, but not many. Our neighbor’s barn was missing, swallowed up by the re-routed river. Further down, a cottage was gone, swept away as the river claimed the path that the road used to take. I came to one spot with no outlet, the river taking over everything. I scurried across a downed tree acting as a bridge over the water. I met some more people, gawking in disbelief at the destruction. An elderly woman gave me her son’s phone number, hoping that I might be able to call if I found service.”

via Smokeless Fire.

Hoping my own Vermont pals are all right…

UPDATED with link to a piece about the devastation in New Jersey and Connecticut. Did you know that more than 20% of Connecticut residents are still without power?