Tuesday Again Already

November 29, 2011 @ 8:04 pm | Filed under:

I have all these meaty, thinky posts I’d like to write, but when? I’m reading for the Cybils and working on the novel and doing GeekMom stuff and reading more Cybils nominees. About a month ago I thought I’ll get a jump on Christmas and went to Shutterfly to start assembling some presents. I think I got as far as the “forgot your password” screen. Whoops. Somewhere during the twenty-second gap between requesting the password and receiving it, my brain meandered elsewhere.

Today’s fun was seeing a revised cover sketch for one of my beginning readers. The art made me squeal with glee, and made Rilla squeal louder. This is a book I wrote at her request: “Tell me a story about a roly poly, Mommy,” she said, so I did. It’s due out in August.

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    Hannah says:

    Shutterfly is where it’s at for me too! Of course, passwords permitting.

    Yea for the new book! Do you get to tell us who the illustrator is?