My phone does not take good pictures.

March 10, 2012 @ 2:04 pm | Filed under: 100 Species Challenge, Gardening

But these beauties had to be captured. Happened upon this patch of color springing up between sidewalk and street in Normal Heights, San Diego. Picture these flowers times four—a glorious strip of color.

City gardeners, I adore you.

(I see gaillardia, snapdragon, and some kind of brown-eyed susan. Working on IDing the rest. The pink fringy ones in the middle photo look like a bit echinacea in the photo, but aren’t.)

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  1. Oh goodness, I totally know that Echinacea-like flower but I cannot remember the name. It was in the landscape in one of our nurseries. That’s going to drive me nuts. Are African Daisies in there somewhere?

  2. OK now I think I was wrong. I was thinking I saw gazania but now I’m not sure.

  3. Look at those colors!! I just want to drink them in. Bliss.

  4. Such a majesty of colour!

  5. I thought gazania too for the pink ones in the middle picture – and calendula for the yellow-orange ones in the bottom pictures. I am so ready for spring. My crocuses are just coming up as the snow recedes. But that’s Maine for you – this is actually several weeks early…

  6. I’m thinking gazania as well. Second photo, left side.