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Early March notes, garden and otherwise

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A real post later, maybe…

Or maybe not; I’m swamped. But some quick notes.

Read to Huck & Rilla: Henry Hikes to Fitchburg; Chloe, Instead; Big Hungry Bear; Madeline; Anna Banana (book of jump rope rhymes). Notes on those to follow (Chloe in particular, since it’s new, and both kids loved it; had to read it three times in a row).

Carrots are up!

Roxaboxen rock-decorating continues intermittently.

Handed out poetry books today (volumes in the Poetry for Young People series, which we’ve collected over the years) and asked the girls to scatter, read, come back to tell something about the poet (time and place) and share a poem. We sat outside in the sunshine and they read or recited their choices. Great fun, we’ll have to make a habit of this. Jane chose Dickinson’s “I Dwell in Possibility,” Rose picked Theseus’s imagination speech from Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Beanie selected Robert Frost’s “A Patch of Old Snow.”

Everyone learned C, F, and G on the ukulele (those who didn’t already know them).

Wonderboy got a haircut the other day and looks quite spiffy.

Rose invented a board game.

The freesia is incredible this year, and between it and the jasmine, the whole yard is fragrant. And I have irises about to bloom.

I don’t remember planting them!

Aphids all over the rosebush, and rumor has it all 1500 ladybugs have decamped to the tall grasses on the other side of our back fence.