Context Is Everything

June 6, 2012 @ 5:10 pm | Filed under: Books, These People Crack Me Up

Me: Here, why don’t you wear the sparkly dress today?

Rilla: Ooh, Twilight sparkle!

Okay, I am well aware that “six-year-old” is synonymous with “information sponge,” but this one surprised me nonetheless. We’re far from a Twilight-drenched household here. Jane has read the books (and peppered me with snarktastic commentary), but that’s it. So it was with some surprise that I asked Rilla how she knew about Twilight sparkle.

Rilla, in an “I should think it’s obvious” tone: My Little Pony, of course.

Ohhhh, that Twilight Sparkle. It all becomes so clear. And sparkly.

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  1. And once again I wish weblogs had a “like” button.

  2. We had a similar incident when we kept chickens and the girls named one of them ‘Twilight.’
    Eliza to visiing cousin: You have got to see Twilight!
    Cousin: oh, my mom says I’m not allowed to see Twilight.
    Eliza: huh?? But she’s so cute!!
    Cousin: but there are vampires in that movie.
    Eliza: I’m talking about our baby chicken!!!!

  3. Bahaha! Hannah, I think yours is even funnier than mine!

  4. Totally agree with Sarah on the need for a Like button! And live the chicken story.

  5. Love this post! My girls have memorized everything about My Little Pony so everything is related to them now…kind of fun, but kind of annoying too. Glad your Twilight wasn’t the other one…hee hee.

  6. The ONLY sparkle that matters, baby.

  7. lol! Love your story, and Hannah’s, too! Oh my gosh! Little people are so funny! :))