September 20, 2012 @ 6:25 pm | Filed under: Thicklebit

Scott’s out of town, ergo I am out of steam. All I can do today is link to the new Thicklebit. This is the one for which one of Scott’s panel descriptions read:

Mom is working in the kitchen. There’s a bunch of fruits and veggies on the counter. (This is the least realistic panel description I have ever written, and two days ago I wrote a shot description in which the Hulk picks up Thor and hurls him into the sky.)

Next week after he comes home, I will totally think of a witty comeback. For now, I have to go fold some laundry. LAUNDRY, you guys. Preposterous. Frederick the Mouse never had to do laundry, is all I’m saying.

The artist, working extremely hard

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  1. There is only one possible comeback. Ensure that when he returns he finds you working in the kitchen with a pile of fruit and veg on the counter 😉