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The younger kids and I have started spending the hour after dinner having family art time at the kitchen table. They mostly paint while I practice sketching, or Huck grabs markers and continues his mission to saturate every page of his beloved Angry Birds coloring book. I’ve taken to jotting down the funny things they say in my sketchbook alongside my (mostly very bad) drawings of them at work. A few choice Huck remarks from last night:

“When I was one—I mean zero—I swallowed paint. It tasted really good, like marshmallows.”


Rilla: “I know three people named Kelly.”

Huck: “I know Kelley Jones*. He likes jelly.”

*They’ve never actually met, but he’s seen Kelley’s name when he calls Scott to talk about the project they’re working on. I’m unclear on whether he does, in fact, like jelly.


“I bet all the kids with this coloring book are doing this with their moms right now, too.”

(Yes, I melted.)

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    Mamalion says:

    I wonder if he’s heard the song ‘Jelly-Man Kelly’ and is associating? We had it on a tape that we played over and over and over in the car when the kids were little.

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      Melissa Wiley says:

      Yes, we watch that on You-Tube now and then (a family favorite) and I imagine you are right, he has associated the song with the name he hears so often. His air of calm authority cracked me up so much.