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January 13, 2023 @ 4:47 pm | Filed under:
baby huck covering his face with a train

time, it flies

Gotta be quick today: it’s a birthday in these parts. Y’all, my baby is 14. That’s bananas.

In lieu of a new post, here’s something delicious: my father’s family recipe for biscuits with chocolate gravy. When I was growing up, this was the star of the meal whenever we had breakfast for dinner (eggs, bacon, fruit, and biscuits with chocolate gravy—heaven on a plate). After Scott and I had kids, it gradually became our special birthday breakfast. Maybe that’s why we wound up with such a big family—more birthdays!

Okay, I thought this was going to be a quickie. Turns out that old post 2007 had an image hosted on my original Typepad blog. I didn’t know that was even still around! I had to update a bunch of old links and images and now it’s about time to go make dinner—Huck has requested paninis. We’re all about the food today!

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  1. Amy says:

    Happy birthday Huck! Isn’t it wild having all teens and above? I mean, I really love it, but…*sniff*

  2. tanita says:

    My goodness, no WAY.

    That means my nephew is also fourteen this year.
    Sheesh – they’re so old. (Not us. NEVER US.)

  3. Karen Edmisten says:

    I remember when Tom and I used to buy him Matchbox cars. 🙂 Or little tool sets. Remember the periscope? It goes too fast.