What’s on Your Wallpaper?

April 12, 2005 @ 4:07 am | Filed under: ,

Bpapril800I usually keep a picture of the kids as the background image of our office computer, or else a breathtaking Scottish landscape to inspire me. (Darn sporting of Scott to put up with that, I must say.) On the upstairs computer I like to download a painting by an artist we are interested in.

Lately I’ve been a little calendar-obsessed, though, and I decided I wanted one on the computer desktop at all times. Found this nifty web page at Artchive. Nice little monthly calendar over a painting or detail of a painting. This month is a closeup of the hands in Rembrandt’s “The Jewish Bride.” While you’re at the site, you can vote on which painting will be next month’s wallpaper.

On the upstairs computer, I pleased the kids by downloading this image from the Beatrix Potter website. I’ve always been partial to Mrs. Tiggy-winkle….I think Jane would prefer something from Redwall, though.

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