Wonderful, Wonderful, Out of All Hooping!

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It’s been over a month since I posted my plea for help with my search for a long lost, fondly remembered story tape about the King of the Raisins. No one responded, and I had just about given up on ever tracking it down. And then this morning the wonderful Lesley Austin posted this comment:

I think I may know this one as I heard this story once. Could it be Jay O’Callahan? We have another of his stories “Raspberries” and have SO enjoyed everything of his we have come across. I can imagine him saying what you wrote.

Lesley, hoorah for you, you did it! I visited Jay O’Callahan’s website and sure enough, there was a “Raisins” story on one of his CDs. I wrote him a note, and he wrote right back to say his was indeed the story I remember. I am thrilled!

Just this morning, Scott was quoting my favorite line from this story. Scott has never heard the tape; like my kids, he only knows the tale from my patchy reminiscences. But as I wrote last month, the bits I remember are inextricably woven into our family vocabulary. Wonderboy woke up a nasty cold this morning, and his nose is, um, disgusting, to put it bluntly. When Scott walked into the kitchen, the Boy beamed at him through the goop and tottered toward his daddy for a wrestle. Scott scarcely flinched at the affront to his shirt (ew) but I heard him mutter, “Horrible, horrible! But I like you anyway.”

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  1. Alice Gunther says:

    Lissa, I am so thrilled you finally found the King of the Raisins! I can’t wait to hear it myself.

  2. Lesley Austin says:

    Dear Lissa,

    Here I am at work on the computer again and so happy to see that my memory was correct! This is happening less and less lately so I am grateful! I hope you have a sweet time listening to it again.

  3. Chari says:

    Wonderboy can TOTTER????????? !!!!!!!!!!!


    love, chari