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Busy Week, Busy Weekend

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I have nothing for you today. But please go read this post by Moreena at The Wait and the Wonder.

But this is also the kind of life that allows you glimpses into the
amazing kindness and generosity of friends and strangers alike. This is
the kind of life that finds you walking the streets alone on Christmas
morning, sobbing with no shame, and then allows you to accept the
comforting words of a homeless man (true story). It’s the kind of life
that allows you to see people at their most frightened, and then share
Chinese takeout together on New Year’s Eve, eating crab rangoon while
watching your kids hooked up to ventilators. And still find something
to laugh about (also a true story). It’s the kind of life in which a
mother who has lost her daughter sews homemade hospital dresses for
your own daughter, and they fit perfectly. Because that mom knows
exactly where your daughter’s funny bulges will be…