Oh No Ivanhoe

January 2, 2007 @ 2:59 pm | Filed under: ,

I can’t find my copy of Ivanhoe. I know exactly where it used to be—in Virginia. Hmm. Guess I’ll have to make a quick trip to the library to tide us over until it turns up. Or maybe I’ll just do something wild and crazy like pick a different book. Robinson Crusoe? Oliver Twist? Oh, the delicious agony of choice!

Flexibility is king in our little homeschool. Okay, maybe not KING. More like court jester. Yes, that’s it: always ready for an interjection. Nothing ever, ever goes according to plan. I don’t call my plans "plans" anymore; they are merely "suggestions."

For example, Scott had planned to go to work today. Then his back went out. Perhaps it had something to do with his having to hold our almost-six-year-old at an awkward angle so that her vomit would land on the floor instead of our bed. This morning he could hardly walk, so I suggested he take his medication and stay in bed. (Hey, he gave himself his own little Gift of the Magi there, didn’t he? Saved the bed from getting thrown up on, and now he’s stuck in it?)

The older girls and I went ahead with the launch of our CM term this morning. Beanie is feeling much better and was happy to play with flower fairies on the couch while Jane and Rose and I read some of those nifty books we’ve been talking about. Feels good to be back in the groove, even if the groove is a little lopsided.

You guys have asked a ton of great questions in the comments lately. I’ll be answering them throughout the week—at least, that’s the plan suggestion.

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  1. Denise says:

    I’m with you on the flexibility thing. Also, why is it that anytime you need a book that you KNOW you own – it disappears. That happened to us with The Red Tent, The Moonstone, Robinson Carusoe, Jane Eyre, The Ender’s Game and Sarah Plain and Tall this year. Weird. Worse than sock monster’s in the dryer, ya know?

  2. Jennifer says:

    My son missed the floor, but hit our bed on Christmas Eve night.
    I hope everyone feels better soon. Thank you for sharing your plans and advice.

  3. Angela,Mother Crone says:

    I have learned to make flexibility my friend over the years as well. I used to be so rigid, and tried to adhere to schedules so much that I made everyone crazy. Now, we are constantly moving things around, dropping some and adding others, and it have brought so much joy and adventure to their learning.
    Hey, you may want to start using the local library to check out the classics though, since they are starting to eliminate them from the stacks if they aren’t being checked out!

  4. dawn f says:

    I saw this article in the paper today about a person who is bringing the little house on the prairie music 10 disc cd to life.
    thought you might be interested