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Sorry about the stray test posts popping up in Bloglines. I’ve been working on a template overhaul, and I seem to have hit a snag. Argh. I followed Jimmy the Geek‘s instructions for creating a top menu bar, and it worked—or so I thought—and then the error messages started coming fast and thick. Argh.

To make the top menu, you have to convert to Advanced Templates. For some reason, when I apply my spiffed-up advanced template, I can’t get new posts to, well, post. I have to switch back to an earlier design (not an advanced template) in order to put a post through. This involves republishing the whole darn blog. Did I mention argh?

I could just let it go, I suppose…

But now there’s a puzzle to solve. I’m hooked.

Another glitch is that the menu bar doesn’t appear on the main page. It’s only present on individual posts, and on the "About My Books" and "Best of Bonny Glen" pages. Weird.

(If you don’t see it at all, anywhere, that means I’ve reverted to the old template.)

Maybe I need to go pester Jimmy the Geek.

(Is that the best internet handle, or what?)

AHA! Problem solved! Typepad answered my help ticket with a simple explanation.

Build error in template ‘sidebar1’ : Error  in <MTListInclude> tag: No list in context  This means that the MTListInclude tag is referencing a<  TypeList that does not exist. The name of the list referenced in the MTListInclude tag should match the name of the list exactly as it appears on the TypeLists tab, including capitalization and spacing. If you’ve recently deleted or renamed a TypeList, this would be the first  thing to check.

That totally makes sense to you, right? Right?

But it really was an easy fix. See, I did "recently rename a Typelist." I changed "Our Rule og Six" to "Our Rule of Six." Because that’s just the wild and crazy kind of girl I am. But my template doesn’t care about spelling. It grabs fast to the first name you save, typo-infested or not.

Isn’t this just the most interesting post I’ve ever written? Heh.

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  1. xixi says:

    how funny is this? I noticed it because I am in the middle of overhauling — er considering overhauling — all of my blogs and websites and and and and… I was looking at yours for examples of typepad and wordpress! Yay Sunday!

  2. Christine M says:

    looking good!

  3. Love2learn Mom says:

    I really like your new look! It’s cleaner and easier to read. 🙂

  4. Love2learn Mom says:

    I really like your new look! It’s cleaner and easier to read. 🙂