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Speaking of rockin’ girls


Coffeemama says I’m a rockin’ girl blogger. Awesome!

Little-known fact: I do a fabulous Cyndi Lauper impersonation.


You never noticed the resemblance before, did you?

That’s because I never wear more than eight bracelets at a time anymore.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment, Coffeemama.

I am now supposed to name five Rockin’ Girl Bloggers of my own. What’s hard about this is narrowing it down. I decided to tag only people I’ve never tagged before, but whose blogs I read regularly and who do, in fact, rock.

Sarah rocks, and this I know not just from her blog, which delights me, but from having been so fortunate as to live in her neighborhood for five years. She’s got funny kid stories to rival Karen’s  Ramona.

Mrs. MoneyDummy
rocks very large. She is rockin’ her way right out of debt, and that is totally tubular.

Beck. I wish I rocked the house like Beck. If I am Cyndi Lauper, she is Chrissie Hynde: smart, wry, oozing cool.

Patience.  I utterly dig her gentle, thoughtful vibe.

Sister Mary Martha. I hope she will not think me disrespectful for saying that I think she is one of the rockingest bloggers out there. Her deadpan style will make you howl, and the truth she speaks just might rock your world. 

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  1. Somebody's Funny Grandpa says:

    Thanks for posting that photo of yourself with the sunglasses and all the bracelets. Now that you mention it, Cyndi Lauper really does resemble you quite a bit!

    Of course, I’ve always thought both you and Cyndi rocked!

  2. Alice Gunther says:

    Awesome choices, Cyndi!

    And, btw, YOU ROCK!

  3. Anonymous says:

    *Great* choices! Love them. I tagged a nun, too … you’re so carefully respectful — I never thought Sister Julie might think it disrespectful — what does that say about me?? 🙂

  4. sarah says:

    It’s the smile. You two definitely have the same smile 🙂
    I rock!!! Wow, if only those kids in the Ultimate Cool Crowd in high school could see me now. I am humbled and honored. Thanks Cyndi, I mean, Lissa!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can tell you quite honestly I’ve never been dubbed a ‘rockin’ anything. I am rarely referred to as a girl, but I am one, so how can I take offense. Glad you enjoy the blog. I only take offense at the word ‘blog’, which sounds like something someone’s Polish grandma made for the family Sunday dinner that upset everyone’s stomachs.

    Perhaps we should have a rockin’ girl blogger online luncheon.

  6. Alice Gunther says:

    Agnes’ reaction to this post, a deadpanned:

    “Yeah, I love Lissa’s blog–She’s So Unusual.”