Beauty is in the Eye of the Three-Year-Old Beholder

July 20, 2007 @ 9:42 am | Filed under:

So my college friends thought I looked a little like Cyndi Lauper. What of it? Wonderboy thinks I’m a timeless beauty. Just now I was reading a USA Today article on Harry Potter, and Wonderboy (in my arms enjoying his morning snuggle) kept pointing to the screen and saying "There’s Mommy!"

It took me a while to realize he was referring to the picture of Nefertiti in a book ad.

Two of my fellow ClubMom bloggers, Tracey of Picture This and Sheri of Little Zygote, are holding a photo contest for kids. It’s called "A Little Perspective" and is for pictures taken by kids 13 and under. Contest details are here. I have a whole file on my computer for the amazing pictures taken by my kids. I love to see how they frame the world. The banner photo at Bonny Glen Up Close is Beanie’s foot, snapped by Beanie, and that is one of my most favorite pictures ever. I confess to also being quite fond of the picture Jane recently took of me and my two littlest ones, the one that is now my sidebar photo over at Bonny Glen.  It’s always nice (and sort of rare, at least in my case) to get a picture where you’re really happy with the way you look. I have a tendency to grin too big in photos and I wind up looking like a gremlin. Or Cyndi Lauper. But that’s okay, because when my son looks at me he sees Nefertiti.

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  1. scott says:

    When your husband looks at you, he sees Aphrodite.

  2. Jenny in Ca says:

    oh, LOL! really cute and funny!

  3. Somebody's Funny Grandpa says:

    May I suggest you see if Jane would submit her shot of Rose & Beanie looking at the two horses for the two contests you mentioned? I am indeed fortunate to have a print personally signed by the artist, for it is my all-time favorite photo!