Submissions Wanted for Make It From Scratch Carnival

August 15, 2007 @ 2:42 pm | Filed under:

Silvia at Po Moyemu writes:

week, I will be hosting the Make
It from Scratch
blog carnival. If you’d like to participate, you can submit your article through the Blog Carnival
submission form
. The submission deadline is Sunday night. (That’s
coming up soon!)

Be sure and stop by next
week for recipes and ideas of things that you can make from scratch.

You can click
on those links to find out more, and to see past carnivals—what’s
been sent in, etc.

From the
carnival’s creator:

about something you’ve made from scratch (cooking, crafts, sewing, be
creative). Posts must be family friendly. I’m the judge of that!

"From Scratch" means different things to different people. Take bread
for instance, some would consider it "from scratch" to buy the dough
and bake it. Others wouldn’t consider it "from scratch" unless they
ground the flour themselves. I am guessing we are all somewhere between. No set
rules here, just make it at whatever level you consider "from
scratch." Archived posts are fine by me, but please only one post per blog
per week.


Made from scratch, and oh so delicious.

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