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Friday Morning Fire Update and Other Stuff

October 26, 2007 @ 8:09 am | Filed under: ,

Well, I think the Union-Tribune sums up today’s status nicely with this headline: “No new evacuations, but fires far from out.” They have a very good update (with links) this morning if you’d like today’s top fire stories.

We ventured out of the house yesterday afternoon for the first time since Sunday. Our young friend had a birthday to celebrate, and it would take more than a little particulate matter in the air to thwart such important plans. The air was pretty clear in their neighborhood (though probably still not terribly healthy to breathe—“dangerous air quality” warnings are in effect all over the county. Here at home, our eyes and throats burn when we step outside to water the plants. At least, they did yesterday. I haven’t been outside today.

After spending all week poring over San Diego County fire maps (Click to download a PDF of the county’s latest version), it was a welcome change of pace this morning to visit the Journey South Monarch Butterfly Migration map. (Be sure to change the “Week Ending” date to October 31st for the most recent version of the map.) The monarchs are on their way south to their wintering ground in the little mountain town of Angangueo, Michoacan, Mexico. I have to say it gave me a little thrill to look at all those “monarchs were here” dots on the East Coast and know that some of those might have been “our” butterflies, thanks to Sarah, who made sure our milkweed lived on after our move.