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After looking at yesterday’s photos, Mary Beth wanted to know if Rilla ever gets a chance to wear that oh-so-fetching pink hat here in sunny San Diego. Listen, that hat is so darn cute it’d be worth running the air conditioner in winter to lower the temp enough to chill a baby’s ears. Fortunately, our nights here on the edge of the desert can be quite brisk, almost what you Easterners call nippy. We’ve even had a few days lately where we had to wear long sleeves. On Christmas Eve, when we drove up to that little mountain town, we thought about bringing jackets just in case, but they were all buried under our surfboards and beach towels, so it’s a good thing I had these scrumptious knitted caps on hand for the three younger girls. And credit for that goes totally to (whom else?) Alice. She called me one day last month especially to tell me Hanna Andersson had the world’s cutest hats marked down to a ridiculously low price and I hung up on her to get my order in rightaway. As always, she was one hundred percent correct. Cutest hats ever.

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  1. Alice Gunther says:

    The cutest face in the cutest hat. Your girls are beautiful!!!!

    Thank you for the hat tip!!!!

  2. Beck says:

    And then there’s my children who need to wear cozy hats for eight months of the year or their ears will freeze off.
    Your little one is just ADORABLE in that hat!

  3. sarah in va says:

    I did the same thing-stocked up on hats, gloves and such. Love those Hanna Andersson sales!!! Just can’t stop looking at that cutie under the hat. Adorable.

  4. Karla says:

    Awww… Just too-too cute!!!

  5. Anne v. says:

    I am ROFLOL….so hard…surfboards? Are you serious?

  6. Anne v. says:

    I am ROFLOL….so hard…surfboards? Are you serious?