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Attention Bonny Glen Subscribers

August 21, 2008 @ 5:40 pm | Filed under:

I’ve just discovered that over half of my subscribers have been unsubbed. I don’t know why or how, but there it is. If you wouldn’t mind resubbing, that would be ducky. Thanks so much.

Of course here again we have the problem of the people who need the message not being able to see the message. If any of you feel like spreading the news, I would really appreciate it!

Feedback (Ba Dum Bum)

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Well, in addition to the Mystery of the Blocked IPs, we now get to add the Mystery of the Wonky Feeds on Bloglines to this week’s blog drama. It seems some Bloglines users are finding that when they click through from my feed in their reader, they wind up at Old Bonny Glen (Typepad) instead of here at New Bonny Glen (WordPress). As best I can figure, this is the result of my having accidentally and for two minutes only reconnected the Typepad blog to my Feedburner feed, which blunder I discovered immediately, because suddenly a six-month-old Typepad post (the one announcing the launch of this here website) reappeared in my Google Reader.

It’s all very strange. I didn’t actually reconnect the Typepad blog to the Feedburner feed for this blog—what I did was create a new Feedburner feed for Old Bonny Glen, but for inscrutable and maddening reasons, Feedburner ignored the new feed and hooked the Typepad blog back up to my original Feedburner feed instead. And so I changed it right back and said argh a lot and have been scratching my head in befuddlement ever since.

But none of it matters because this post is so boring all my subscribers are going to unsub in disgust anyway. It was lovely knowing all of you, really. I’ll miss you.

Meanwhile (she says, speaking to the empty room), life! is! so! busy! And these are supposed to be the lazy days of summer? Ha! Appointments, appointments, appointments. ‘Tis eval season for my boy: OT, PT, you name it. Speech therapy resumed yesterday after a two-month hiatus. He receives it through the local public school district (but not OT/PT; I’m going through medical for those), and the schools here started back up on Monday! August 18th! They didn’t let out for the summer until late June. Which was last week, I’m pretty sure. The calendar claims there was something called “July” in the middle but I didn’t see it, did you?

So anyway, it’s appointment season for my lad. And for me: all the OB stuff. (I miss my Virginia midwife, sob.) And Jane: Jane is getting braces. Probably next week. So that’s kind of exciting. Today is x-ray and tooth-molds day for her. (See how clever I am? Scheduling it for back-to-school week? When, for once, the orthodontist has no other patients? OK, fine, it was a total accident caused by my procrastinating all summer, but if I HAD planned it this way, I would be a genius.)

A nice thing that has been happening lately is we’ve got our read-aloud groove back. For the past year, the Rilla-and-Wonderboy combination has made peaceful reading aloud, um, challenging. I have missed it! I gnash my teeth in jealousy in the quiet evenings when the little ones are asleep and Scott stretches out in the cool, breezy sunroom with a bevy of eagerly listening girls for uninterrupted reading time. OK, I’m not really gnashing my teeth—because I know, now, what my parents paid for the braces that made them nice and straight.

About which, by the way: um, thanks for that, Mom and Dad.

But anyway, recently I got it into my head that I wanted a return to happy readalouding (hush) of my own, so we’ve been working on it, working out ways to keep the little ones happy while I dust off all my best accents for the big girls. And it’s working, sometimes. Enough of the time. I’m satisfyingly deep into Understood Betsy with Rose and Beanie—Beanie was two years old last time we read this book aloud, so it’s new for her, and of course Rose is right there hanging on every word, because how can you not be? It’s one of the best read-alouds ever, and I don’t say that lightly. And you already know about my Austen revels with Jane. (Jane and Jane, ha!)

Nothing could be more delightful, to quote Jane the elder.