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Because I Am Something of a Contrarian

September 19, 2008 @ 6:01 am | Filed under:

I’m not sure when I became a contrarian—I don’t think I started out this way, but my parents could speak to that better than I could—but I cannot deny that the pattern in my adult life has been that if I sense myself being ushered toward a box, I make a sharp left—or right, you can’t pigeonhole me that way either—and dash away from the box as fast as I can. Even if—no, especially if—I’m the one who created and announced the box.

So it shouldn’t have surprised me that the very moment I declared on Bonny Glen Up Close that my fabulous new notebooking system had rendered that poor little side-blog obsolete, I would find myself compelled to post there more than ever. Big long chatty posts such as I’ve not written there in a long time, or maybe ever. And now that I’m calling my own attention to this shift, it’s entirely possible the chattiness will dry right up. Except that now I’ve called my own attention to that possibility. So there’s no telling what will happen.