Cybils Nominations Continue

October 7, 2008 @ 6:45 am | Filed under:

Oh my gosh, I’m getting excited. As you know, I’m a first-round judge for the Fiction Picture Book category in the Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards. The nominations are pouring in, and I’ve been perusing the ever-growing list with happy anticipation. My fellow panelists and I will be responsible for reading every book nominated and putting the very best among them on a shortlist for the finals. Then I will go off and have a baby (or so the plan is), and the finals judges will choose winners to announce in February.

So now you know how I plan to spend my third trimester: parked in a comfy spot, reading lovely picture books to my younguns. Beanie in particular is going to enjoy this particular ‘assignment’ of Mom’s. Wonderboy and Rilla too, no doubt. Nominations are open through October 15th, so get on over there and enter your favorite books from 2008 (one nomination per person per category, I believe—oh, and I’ve heard the Easy Reader category is especially in need of suggestions). Beanie is counting on you.

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  1. Margaret in Minnesota says:

    Now see, I should envy you but I don’t. I can’t think of no better, beautiful, pregnant mommy who should spend her third trimester reviewing books.

    ‘Cause Melissa Wiley knows her books!

    Plus this just makes so much more sense than, say, reviewing ski resorts.

  2. Margaret in Minnesota says:

    Oops. Ignore that double negative.

  3. Activities Coordinator says:

    If the job gets to be too much for you and you find you really need an assistant…:)

  4. cloudscome says:

    That sounds just delightful! Do you know anyone who has a complete list of what’s been nominated so far? I am looking for blog posts that are up to date on what is missing or what we have so far, in order to help those who leave it till the last minute to add their picks. I’d love to see a round up on the Cybils site. If you have the list please join in!