Wee and Wonderful Indeed

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I took a leaf from Jenn’s book today and raided our scrap bin to make a spur-of-the-moment flannel quilt top for Rilla. We are in the process of transitioning her to her own bed in the girls’ room. (My three big girls share a room, and we’re adding a trundle for little sis.) This is something that’s always on the to-do list during a pregnancy, moving the toddler out of our room to make way for the newborn, but I admit I’ve been a bit lax with it this time around. Rilla still nurses a little at night; that’s part of it. And also, she’s very cuddly. Toddlerhood passes so quickly, and I like to savor every breathy little snore of it.

A month or two ago, we set up a (bedraggled old) child-sized futon next to our bed, and Rilla has been starting out her nights there. At some point in the night, she climbs into bed beside me. She’s like a cat, the way she sort of pours herself under the covers and curls up next to me with a contented sigh. She’s also like in a cat in the way she’ll turn on a dime and hiss and snarl at the blankets because they have offended her somehow, and she’s all flailing paws until the malevolent covers are no longer touching any part of her body. A mercurial little creature, is my Rilla.

Yesterday we moved the futon into the girls’ room. She thought this whole “sleeping with the big girls” thing was a pretty swell idea right up until bedtime, when suddenly it was The Most Offensive Idea Anyone Has Ever Had in All of Human History. But I snuggled up beside her in the dark, and her sisters whispered to her, and the devious plan I’d carried out earlier in the day—feeding her marshmallows at naptime instead of putting her down for a nap—paid off pretty quickly. She sighed, and sank, and slumbered, and when her limbs began lashing at the covers I knew it was safe for me to slip away. (Sob.)

Jane and I thought a special new blanket for her special new bedroom might help ease the transition. Rilla doesn’t have a blankie she’s attached to, though she does like the little patchwork baby quilt I made her before she was born. It’s way too small now, of course. So this morning Jane and I pieced together the remnants of the same cozy flannel plaids and prints I’d used for that baby blanket nearly three years ago and came up with a sort of wonky, large-patch quilt top. We’ve got a big piece of pink plaid-and-polka-dots to use for the backing. I’ve never actually quilted anything before, mind you—the baby quilts I’ve made are just patchwork tops with flannel backing, no batting in between. I need to go buy some batting tomorrow and we’ll see if we can pull this thing off.

In the meantime, the quilt top seems to have passed Miss Rilla’s muster.

The little embroidered kitty with flower umbrella at the bottom is a pattern from the Wee Wonderfuls “Tulip Fairy” Stitchette set, which I bought a while back and forgot about until today. That blank pink patch was just begging for a bit of embellishment. And I have to say, I am completely enchanted. The Stitchette pattern is a reusable iron-on which took all of ten seconds to transfer to our fabric. Suddenly everywhere I look are blank bits of fabric crying out for a little Wee Wonderfuls snail, or the mice pouring tea from that cunning acorn teapot, or that kite-flying ladybug, oh the cuteness of it all.

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  1. sarah (patience) says:

    So cute! The quilt too. 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love wonky scrappy quilts – those are the best kind ever! Yours is too sweet with that little kitten and the plaids and oh lucky girl!! It’s beautiful!

    As for the co-sleeping. I agree 1000% especially since I don’t have another baby on the way. Every little sleepy breath is precious.

  3. Mary says:

    Oh, I recall those days well and don’t regret our co-sleeping days one bit.

    I am sure she will treasure the quilt for years to come!

  4. Beth says:

    May the transition continue to go smoothly!

    I always did babies-in-my-bed, and loved it. With each I shifted him or her to their own little bed alongside mine at age two, and then later to their own room.

    Somewhere along the line that fell apart: currently my six year old is in bed with me, and my nine year old is in the twin at the foot of mine. Hmm … well, I’m sure they’ll vacate at some point …

  5. Tracey (Connections) says:

    That does it. I HAVE to learn to sew.

  6. Beck says:

    That is very, very sweet.
    My bed is full of babies until they turn 11 months old and then my husband quite coldly makes them start sleeping in their crib, all on their lonesome. Poor wee things.

  7. Penny in VT says:

    Gasp- is there nothing you can’t do? That quilt is adorable (as is the little cutie it belongs to) – and thanks for the embroidery link- it’s much sweeter than the one I gave you…

    Happy Thanksgiving day – I am definitely reading the grasshopper pie and thinking yum – it sounds similar (and by similar I mean how it’s made, not how it tastes) to pink lemonade pie – have you ever had that? Good stuff 🙂

  8. Karen Edmisten says:

    Miss Rilla looks so comfy and cute, and so does that adorable quilt!

  9. Melissa Wiley says:

    Tracey, if I can do it, anyone can. Seriously. I have zero talent and next to no skill. Anyway, for this one all I did was the cutting–Jane did the sewing. We will be totally winging it for the next stage (once I get around to buying the batting). I still don’t know if we’re going to attempt to machine-quilt it (eek) or hand-quilt it (meaning we’ll never finish). And then putting on the binding? (Is that even what it’s called?) Scary. LOL. But I figure Rilla won’t notice my mistakes, of which there are bound to be many.

  10. Melissa Wiley says:

    Penny, re “is there nothing you can’t do?”–LOL LOL LOL!!! Oh, honey. Just ask anyone who knows me IRL. There are so many things I am completely incompetent at. Actually, I’m incompetent at this sewing stuff too, I just bring lots of enthusiasm to the table.

    Things I can’t do: cook a meal without becoming incredibly grumpy. Good golly do I dislike cooking. And also: keep my kids’ clothing in some semblance of order. I am slogging through the heinous task of size-and-season sorting this weekend and I’m just about ready to run off to a writer’s colony somewhere and leave all this domestic stuff behind me. 😉

    (But then Wonderboy goes and gives me a hug, and doggone it, I guess I’ll stick around after all…) 😉

  11. Sig says:

    Awwwww, I love and miss the co sleeping days. Now my littles come into my bed at about 3AM, but I miss the coziness of falling asleep with them.
    Beautiful blankie!

  12. Rose says:

    Would that be the quilt that’s still waiting to be sewn up? Just curious.