Saturday Snapshots

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A few peeks from our week…


Guess whose big sisters got hold of him? He may have the villainous beard, but they’re the ones with nefarious purposes.


Rilla needed a sling to match mommy’s. Mine, by the way, is now serving its sixth baby! I’ve had it since Jane was a bairn.


I am in love with this sweet dolly. Jane made her for Rilla, totally by herself. I want a big sister like Jane.

(Psst DHM and Mama Squirrel, thanks for reminding us of our dear Miss Suzy! Rilla had not met her yet…)

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  1. Emily says:

    Oh, how sweet. And you have Miss Suzy, too! We named our cat after her because she looked like a little squirrel when we got her.

  2. Shonda says:

    Oh, she did a wonderful job on the doll! We have that doll (purchased finished) and the kits for the other seasons. My oldest dd made the Autumn doll several years ago. It’s a treasure!
    And is that little boy a cutie, or what?!

  3. Jordana says:

    That mustache and beard are so adorable.

    I need to pull out Miss Suzy and read to my little ones. I still have the copy my dad read to me and it has actual bookworm holes in it, which I found thoroughly enchanting as a child and still kind of do now.

  4. sarah says:

    What a wonderful job she made of the doll! And you made of the children 😉

  5. Mama Squirrel says:

    The doll–wow, beautiful!

    The makeover: reminds me of Toy Story 2. “You’ll love Amy…she’s an artist.”

  6. Mama Squirrel says:

    Oh–and the picture of the “four” of you is the most wonderful of the three. They should put that up on the doctor’s wall instead of the Lovely Ladies.

  7. Allison says:

    Love the pictures, love the doll and I am currrently reading Miss Suzy, from my childhood, to my squirrel loving kids!

    Happy weekend. 🙂

  8. mamacrow says:

    oh my goodness, i want a big sister like Jane too! Though I have to admit, I do have one who once made me a cape coat out of the Sindy annual 🙂

    Where did you get your sling by the way? Mine didn’t last anywhere near as long – I’m on my third in fact.

  9. Sarah N. says:

    Beautiful pictures. The last doll I made looked no where near as lovely as Jane’s. I wish I had a sister like her too! I hadn’t thought of Miss Suzy in years. I had a copy as a little girl that my great uncle found a yard sale. I’ll have to see if it’s still around at my parents house.

  10. Beck says:

    That’s a gorgeous doll!
    I often find myself oddly almost jealous of my sweet children and their relationship with each other – it makes me very happy to see them.

  11. Penny in VT says:

    Oh, he needs a cowboy hat for sure!

    Cuteness all the way ’round – are you people ever ugly? (and no I don’t need proof LOL)

    Love Rilla’s beaming look at you 🙂

  12. Alice Gunther says:

    Great photos, great doll–and the picture of you with Rilla is a classic!