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Too funny—after this tweet log posted, I thought, Yikes, I need to change the setting so it doesn’t post the @replies. But so far all the comments on this post have been about @reply tweets!

The log is too long, though. Since my primary aim in autoposting these is to preserve tweets for my own records, I’m going to publish the posts with a “more” link. Twitterlog is after the jump.

  • @cici_at_home Welcome! Happy to see you here. 🙂 in reply to cici_at_home #
  • @mamacrow I love this site! I leaned on it heavily for Charlotte reference. Isn’t it awesome? RT This is cool in reply to mamacrow #
  • @peerybingle Re Tweetdeck & disappearing posts, I haven’t noticed this but I’ve heard others mention it. No idea what’s up with that! in reply to peerybingle #
  • “Quiet” baptism weekend with family isn’t so quiet when you have six kids and an Uncle Jay. 😉 We had a great time. Sad to see them go. #
  • Why I love @beckfrogandtoad: #
  • “The domestic – the “mundane daily routines” – has been treated oddly in the past 50 some years: #
  • at once considered too boring for any sensitive, intelligent individual… #
  • and at the same time raised to Martha Stewart-esque heights of unattainable precision… #
  • …like a type of complicated origami that involves scrubbing toilets.” Love that comparison, @beckfrogandtoad #
  • Oh dear, this is my thousandth tweet. The pressure. Must summon memorable witticism. ::::crickets::::: Um. So this horse walks into a bar… #
  • Just put in the boy’s hearing aids w/ one hand while simultaneously nursing baby. And to think I’m the girl who almost flunked gym. #
  • @SheilaRuth @bookies I’m jealous! Would love to be able to read Austen for the first time all over again. 🙂 Just reread P&P, 10th time? in reply to SheilaRuth #
  • @Kikidell Have you read An Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett? Novella, fast read, delightful. Queen of England discovers the joy of bookmobile #
  • @SheilaRuth @bookies Persuasion and Mansfield Park are my favorites, though, even better than P&P. in reply to SheilaRuth #
  • @holly_t @pageby_paige How about The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis? History student in future time-travels back to Black Death England. in reply to holly_t #
  • @lizjonesbooks Mother Goose & antecedents: sounds fascinating! in reply to lizjonesbooks #
  • Trying valiantly to finish Valentine’s Day chocolates before Lent begins. #
  • @DanielleBean I’m just happy to take one for the team. in reply to DanielleBean #
  • My glasses are not toothpaste, in case you were wondering. #
  • Hey, can anyone tell me where in my WordPress CSS is the bit of code that makes *my* comments on my blog look different from other people’s? #
  • Thanks, y’all. Mine is set up to show my comments in a different color, but it makes me feel self-conscious. Changing it to same as others. #
  • Re: blog author comments in diff. color: @melaniebett @ascozyasspring, Scott just said same thing. So you don’t think it looks like ego? #
  • It made me feel self-conscious, but if it’s actually more convenient for readers, I’ll leave my comments w/ the white background. Thanks. #
  • “Big noisy peace” (as Sandra Dodd says): Jane on piano, Rose asking division question, Bean asking time question, littles chattering at once #
  • Don’t miss Karen Edmisten’s Lenten series: #
  • Round 2: Jane’s doing algebra, Rose is doing Latin, Beanie’s turn to practice piano. Huck believes he’ll continue his nap. #
  • @jock4twenty Is he holding still? Doesn’t it tickle? in reply to jock4twenty #
  • Beanie: copying passage from Understood Betsy. Rose: drawing. Jane took littles for a walk. #
  • @emccullough LOL! I love your “saw you reading” feature. Fun fun. in reply to emccullough #
  • @ukbookworm Yes, but it drives me crazy when I really did mean infloxtef. in reply to ukbookworm #
  • My blog is #1 on Google for “how to mess with your wife’s head.” Shouldn’t that be Scott’s blog instead? #
  • @ezraklein Maybe just cracked it a little. in reply to ezraklein #
  • @melaniebett That’s a relief. It has always bothered me (came w/ the design) because I was afraid it would annoy readers. Glad to be wrong in reply to melaniebett #
  • @ascozyasspring I think it’s an intro/extrovert thing. For extroverts, all the world’s a friend. My introvert husband recoils from that idea in reply to ascozyasspring #
  • @ascozyasspring I’m oversimplifying, but for me it’s such fun to connect w/ old acquaintances. I love the wide reach of Facebook. in reply to ascozyasspring #
  • @petersonscott Cereal?? Slander! You’re getting…um…leftover meatloaf. in reply to petersonscott #
  • Realized I was talking hubby’s ear off. “Sorry. I don’t talk to grownups all day.” Him: “Honey. I work in comics. Neither do I.” #
  • The 2yo explains why she didn’t eat her dinner: “I don’t like fish in my fishsticks.” #
  • @michelequigley Did you know you can change your colors in Tweetdeck too? 🙂 But I like Twhirl as well…wish it had a groups feature. in reply to michelequigley #
  • @Karen_Ed @smalltreasures @michelequigley LOL! And yet I’ve never tried to talk anyone else into joining, just gushed about why I love it. in reply to Karen_Ed #
  • Gosh, if my gushing is that persuasive, I need to find a way to harness it for financial gain. 😉 #
  • @Karen_Ed When I told the girls I was giving up Dr Pepper, they were deeply concerned. “But mommy!” cried K. “How will you stay awake?” in reply to Karen_Ed #
  • @michelequigley In Tweetdeck? Create a group, select members from your followers. For example, I have a group for Scott & all comics folks. in reply to michelequigley #
  • @Blessedamongmen “To waste countless minutes of your valuable time, press one.” in reply to Blessedamongmen #
  • @michelequigley I like twhirl’s popups too. Also Tweetdeck seems to make my computer run more slowly. Ugh. But I depend on groups. in reply to michelequigley #
  • @Mediamum Yes, that’s baloney. When I asked a question the other day I got a dozen solid answers within seconds. Faster than googling. in reply to Mediamum #
  • @Mediamum Also: I first discovered Twitter during the SoCal wildfires of 07. Wanted info on fire location, found exact neighborhoods here. in reply to Mediamum #
  • @Mediamum Ah yes. I think it can be hard for people to understand Twitter’s many uses until they’re here, experiencing it. in reply to Mediamum #
  • @jock4twenty Scott & I are jealous. Wish we could watch it for the first time all over again. in reply to jock4twenty #
  • Cranberry juice + seltzer is a poor substitute for Dr. Pepper. I’m just saying. #
  • @Karen_Ed Tweetdeck=free desktop app for keeping up w/ Twitter. Sorts your tweeps into groups if you follow a bunch of folks. in reply to Karen_Ed #
  • Shakespeare Club arriving. Fun fun! #
  • @LeeGarbett yes, I dig BSG in a huge way. Very smart show IMO. Tackles current world events in daring away only sci fi can pull off. in reply to LeeGarbett #
  • Um, “daring away” in my last tweet was meant to be “a daring way.” Dunno how I managed that. #
  • Apparently the 2yo doesn’t like chicken in her chicken, either. #
  • Why, do you suppose, did someone click to my blog today—four times—after a search for “toddler in her nose”? #
  • I just got slandered by a Wii Fit. Hmph. #
  • @LifeOnThePlanet Yes, that toddler nose-blowing post is one of my most-visited via search. But WHO looks up “toddler in her nose”?? in reply to LifeOnThePlanet #
  • @LaurelSnyder No, but years ago I shared a cubicle w/ his editor’s assistant. He required 12 feather pillows in his hotel rooms. in reply to LaurelSnyder #
  • @patentsgirl You turned comments off on your blog! Forcing me to come here to tell you how fabulous you look in that picture! GORGEOUS. #
  • Poor deprived 2yo sighs dejectedly and grumbles: “It not fair. I NEVER have my own gun.” #
  • @mamacrow I used it YESTERDAY, but when Scott turned it on this morning, it told his Mii that it hadn’t seen my Mii in a while. The nerve. in reply to mamacrow #
  • @mitaliperkins Once (sweet and lovely). Changeling (grim but gripping). Sita Sings the Blues (haven’t see it yet but heard so much). in reply to mitaliperkins #
  • @WildStorm Oh! I forgot! It’s Friday! BSG! How many left? Weeping in advance. in reply to WildStorm #
  • @WildStorm [Scott] Well done you. Now come home and get these kids to bed. in reply to WildStorm #
  • @Blessedamongmen Spoiler alert! ROFL. in reply to Blessedamongmen #
  • @patentsgirl I could be wrong but something tells me you’ll get a kick out of this twist on Billy Idol’s WW: #
  • Thinking of taking the six kids to the science museum today. Am I nuts? #
  • @kctex “This kitchen is not a safe place.” in reply to kctex #
  • Oh how I love my Beanie. “Mommy, I cured my dreariness. Know how? A simple twirling with my Barbie, Emerald.” #
  • Scott’s playing Tracey Ullman’s “They Don’t Know” on the guitar. Impossible not to sing along. #
  • Now he’s playing “My Best Friend’s Girl.” Has the baby in his bouncy chair on the table & is giving him a concert. :::melt::: #
  • Now “My Hero Zero.” Awesome. #
  • Now “Always Something There to Remind Me.” Baby is transfixed. See why I married this guy? (He’s gonna kill me when he reads this later.) #
  • On Top of the World, Carpenters. Sister Christian. Saturday Night, Bay City Rollers. About a Boy. Now: Somewhere Over the Rainbow. #
  • @ukbookworm Scott and I actually stayed in the same hotel as the Bay City Rollers once. In Waterloo, Iowa, of all places. Mid 90s. in reply to ukbookworm #
  • By the time he got to Uncle Tupelo, the bairn was soundly snoozing and I’d cleaned the kitchen. Now that’s the way to spend a morning. #
  • Science museum outing postponed because the baby is STILL NAPPING. We have a rule around here: let sleeping babies lie. #
  • @kidthinkers Promising beginning! in reply to kidthinkers #
  • Children’s game overheard: “Then the mother and father died falling over a waterfall cliff saving her life, and then a bear attacked them.” #
  • @kctex Wow, that’s big news. Will be thinking of y’all. in reply to kctex #

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  1. sarah says:

    So nice to see someone recommend The Doomsday Book. Connie Willis is a wonderful writer. Have you read To Say Nothing About The Dog?

    Persuasion and Mansfield Park are my favourite Austens too. 🙂

  2. Jeanne says:

    Ok, I know this is bad of me, but since you speak of how things *seem* online (i.e., differently colored blog comments for blog author might seem like ego)– I hate to admit this — but every time I read your tweets to your friend whose domain includes cozy-as-spring, I read it as cozy-ass-spring. Every Time!I am so sorry, because now it might make HER feel self conscious. Naw, she’s more confident than that. She’ll just think that I have a tendency toward the negative or harsh language. Thing is — not true!

    Jeanne, trying to clear this eyeworm out of my brain!

  3. mamacrow says:

    I appear on Melissa’s twitter log – that my friends is fame!!!

  4. radmama says:

    Also thrilled to see the Willis mention! I can’t get enough of her books.