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Favorite twittered moment this week: “I have just been informed that Rilla is ‘Daddy’s dust mote and Beanie’s polka dot.’ “

  • Such a disconnect to read about all the snow out east: yesterday I scolded my kids “what do you mean, too hot?! 73F is the temp of HEAVEN.” #
  • @beckfrogandtoad Don’t you know me, IIIIII’m your native son. in reply to beckfrogandtoad #
  • @beckfrogandtoad It looks exactly like that here. Only: sunshine and flowers everywhere. And no snow. Or barns. Or cows. in reply to beckfrogandtoad #
  • Gonna be a Watchmen widow tonight. Who, me jealous? in reply to WildStorm #
  • Lessons done; big girls are sewing Barbie clothes. Rilla & baby are napping. Time to catch up. I have browser-tab ADD though. Too many open. #
  • Weird search term of the day: “mold your own ear canals.” Um, why? #
  • SIXTEEN. I’m down to 16 emails in my inbox. Not counting the big scary folder marked DO NOT IGNORE I’ve been ignoring for, oh, six months. #
  • Amazing how much more efficiently I work when my Google Reader tab is closed. Twitter, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to slow me down. #
  • Weird! My tweet about browser-tab ADD disappeared. I know it went through b/c @SheilaRuth commented on it. #
  • @WildStorm [Hank] I think it means you shouldn’t be the one driving to the Watchmen screening tonight. in reply to WildStorm #
  • Tastefulness FAIL: UCSD infant vision study request: “If this letter has reached you in error or in a time of grieving,” they’re so sorry. #
  • @conversiondiary Oh happy day! Congratulations! in reply to conversiondiary #
  • Scott’s at a Watchmen screening; I just had a child throw up into my hands. When exactly did I draw the short straw? #
  • @amyablemom Thanks, Amy. No worries, it wasn’t illness—it was an unfortunate raisin in an after-dinner cookie. Whoops. in reply to amyablemom #
  • My 2yo just congratulated me on my being able to correctly count three blocks. #
  • @thewindknitter Interesting! I’ve got that one on my end table waiting its turn after Damosel and The Film Club. in reply to thewindknitter #
  • @AlgonquinBooks Ooh, I look forward to that. It’s been too long since I sat down with some McCorkle. (Or Jayne Ann Philips, for that matter) in reply to AlgonquinBooks #
  • @DanielleBean Think he (like many) is dismissing baby w/ bathwater. So much genuine good can come in FB (or Twitter) connex. Not all shallow in reply to DanielleBean #
  • @ukbookworm Yes, Rose just read my tweet and laughed. She is so proud of her mother’s achievement. in reply to ukbookworm #
  • I have just been informed that Rilla is “Daddy’s dust mote and Beanie’s polka dot.” #
  • Don’t let her apparent humility fool you. She’s a dust mote the way the sun is a golden ball: all planets in this solar system orbit her. #
  • Rilla comes in from back yard, aggrieved: “Mommy, an ant messed up my ABCs!” #
  • Today I want to be like the mom in Railway Children who locks herself away to write until teatime. She only had big kids, though. #
  • My kid’s mispronunciation of a bird species might be my new band name. “Spotted Wobbler.” #
  • @petersonscott Oh!!!! Wow! 20 yrs since that party where we talked about Lord of the Rings for hours. We are still as geeky as ever.::melt:: in reply to petersonscott #
  • Our UPS delivery man is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. And not just because he is always bringing us new books. #
  • @susanwrites VISITOR FOR BEAR was one of my favorite picture books from all the Cybils submissions. in reply to susanwrites #
  • Hurrah! @melaniebett writes the defense-of-Facebook post I’ve been wanting to write myself, only better. #
  • @melaniebett THANK YOU. The false dichotomy you mention has bothered me too. My reconnections via FB have been very much to the good. in reply to melaniebett #
  • “We should be careful when reacting to new technologies that we are not reacting merely to their misuse. ” quoting @melaniebett #
  • @ascozyasspring Oh absolutely! I’ve just been seeing posts lately dissing the shallow conversation, which doesn’t gibe w/ my experience. in reply to ascozyasspring #
  • @ascozyasspring I’ve been so happy to reconnect with my cousins and some high school/college friends, long missed. in reply to ascozyasspring #
  • @ascozyasspring I feel like I should cite my sources (for anti-FB posts). An NYT article, Fr. Berg’s article, some MMV posts (I ♥ her blog). in reply to ascozyasspring #
  • My problem tonight is I want to write, & I want to read Film Club, & I want to read TWOP Idol recaps, & yes I know what this says about me. #
  • Compromised: read Idol recaps until baby fell asleep, then wrote until laptop battery died. 1600 words today. Now for LOST, hurrah. #
  • @ascozyasspring Agreed. And yet, with limits/guidance, I see potential for good too–I have more interaction w/ my teen nephs/nieces via FB in reply to ascozyasspring #
  • @CathRoadSchool No, haven’t read it yet! Should I add it to my TBR pile? in reply to CathRoadSchool #
  • @ukbookworm Wasn’t it fun? I enjoyed it to pieces. in reply to ukbookworm #
  • @FLWbooks My favorite book set in Vermont is Understood Betsy. One of my fave books PERIOD. in reply to FLWbooks #
  • @petersonscott And that, my friends, sums up the difference between me and my husband in less than 140 characters. in reply to petersonscott #
  • @petersonscott Aw, shucks. :::blush::: in reply to petersonscott #
  • @petersonscott Yes but I WOULD have married you 20 years ago, so there. in reply to petersonscott #
  • @love2learnmom Hope it wasn’t published before 1985! 😉 I’m sure it was, of course. in reply to love2learnmom #
  • 7 week old baby is laughing in his sleep. I wonder what the joke is. #
  • Caramelizing a mess of onions. Now if only I knew what else to make for dinner. #
  • @wordsforliving Saute in olive oil and butter, a little salt, for a long time at a low temp, until beginning to brown at edges. Sweet & yum. in reply to wordsforliving #
  • Rilla rats out her older brother: “Mommy, he’s getting snickety!” #
  • Rilla just asked for salad for breakfast—”with sauce.” She means chipotle ranch dressing. This from the child who usually scorns greenery. #
  • The sling is like a drug for this baby. When I put him in it, he’s asleep almost before I finish cinching it up tight. Magic. #
  • @MrsHappyHousewi LOL, I didn’t even “feel” it! 😉 Nudge me anytime. in reply to MrsHappyHousewi #
  • @CarmieLiff Mine is the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder. All six of my babies have loved it. I’d be lost without it. in reply to CarmieLiff #
  • Halfway through Film Club by David Gilmour. Makes me want to watch lots of movies w/ my 13yo. What to add to the Netflix queue? #
  • Confession: people mock the “what I’m having for dinner” tweets, but that has long been my favorite part of the Simple Woman’s Daybook posts #
  • @susan_marie Aw, thanks! I am still laughing about “Daddy’s dust mote.” She may flit lightly but she carries a big stick. in reply to susan_marie #
  • E, Trader Joe bruschetta is Scott’s favorite Friday meal year round. Rosemary bread, “don’t even bother toasting it, honey.” I add capers. #
  • @susan_marie Or even dancing on the bed, like Jane @ age 2, sandwich in hand, singing: “I’ll never stop dancing, I’ll never stop eating…” in reply to susan_marie #
  • @susan_marie Whoops, found the post: not sandwich. Raisin bread. in reply to susan_marie #
  • Re Trader Joe’s @julieunplugged Definitely in my top ten list of favorite things about California. Also the Dr. Seussian bottle brush trees. #
  • At dr office, need links for CA paid family leave act. Thanks. #
  • Thanks for the paid family leave links, everyone. Dr’s office was balking at their part of the state paperwork. Um, hello, it’s the law. #
  • @petersonscott Tell you what, Film Club totally has me wanting to watch Giant and On the Waterfront. Also Fistful of Dollars (again). in reply to petersonscott #
  • Sometimes, for no particular reason, I think of Bob Loblaw from Arrested Development and just start to laugh. Then I say it out loud a lot. #
  • @thecatwell Look for Knuffle Bunny! Big giggles for your little girls. (And how we miss your little miss!) in reply to thecatwell #
  • @threebeans Yup, you can’t go wrong with a little Mo Willems. in reply to threebeans #
  • Checking “eat bacon” off my list. What else do I need to get done today? #
  • @amyablemom It’s important to have goals you can work toward. Bacon is such a nice achievable goal. in reply to amyablemom #
  • So much fun seeing my East Coast friends tweet about spring’s arrival. Y’all sound positively giddy! #
  • RT: @love2learnmom CPSIA Endangered Books Pool on Flickr is really growing – please spread the word #cpsia #
  • @hitthosekeys Sorry to hear that! You do such beautiful work. in reply to hitthosekeys #
  • Me: “Mmm, the baby smells so good.” Rilla, shocked: “Mommy! You can’t eat the baby!” #
  • @andydiggle Lara Croft would dispatch Shelob speedily with those spikeheeled boots. in reply to andydiggle #

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