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• Beanie and Rilla march into the room hand in hand. “We’re going on a long and perilous journey to seek a nice monster who’ll growl at us.”


Today’s readaloud interrupted by 1 leaky diaper, 2 bouts of spit-up, 2 toddler squabbles, 1 desperate need for snack, 1 agonizing tiny bruise.

Beanie: “Mom, when you read to us while we’re eating, it makes this cheese taste better.”

Wow is my house looking lived in today.

My preschoolers are fighting over which one of them owns the living-room rug.

When I was cleaning up the other day, it was a really really bad idea to stick that toy lizard in a drawer. Just lost 10 years off my life.


Rose is learning the “Morning” song from Peer Gynt on piano. My house sounds like a Looney Tunes soundtrack today.

drummerRilla just asked if she could watch her favorite movie, “Peter Man.”

Around the house today: felting wool, playing neopets, banging on tambourine “drum,” reading Living Long Ago, prepping for Shakespeare Club.


Rilla makes a discovery: “Mommy! The baby and I, we both can wrinkle our nose!”

I wish I were as efficient at everything else as I am at making milk.


Rilla extols the virtues of her big sister: “She tied me and she buttoned me and she put my hands in my pockets.”


Well. That flat tire wasn’t on the agenda for today. Hello, monkey wrench!

Sometimes my hearing impaired son misses important parts of the sentence. Me: “Don’t poke the baby, honey.” Him: “I AM poking him!”


Overheard: “It’s St. Patrick’s Day! I’M GOING TO FACE-PAINT.”

Overheard: “I bonked his head!” “Why did you bonk his head?” “Because he bonked mine back.”

Dear Bugs: The more legs you have, the less I like you.

My vote for Man of the Year: My brother-in-law, who uses bags of chocolates as packing material in packages he sends us.

Overheard: “I’m NOT wretched!”

Overheard: “Mmm, dat baby bird was DELICIOUS!”

Don’t you hate it when you eat the last cookie without realizing it WAS the last cookie? I need closure.


The 2yo “reads” to me: “Squander was a big monster dat lived in a dark cave.”

Just finished my first foundation-pieced quilt block. Am downright giddy!


I said to the baby, “May I eat you all up?” Rilla said, “Mommy, no! He don’t taste good!” (One wonders how she knows…)


You know a book’s a hit when a kid is crushed to realize it’s a library copy, as Beanie was today re The House in the Night by @susan_marie.

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