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Bear, Feet

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Says the artist: “Dat’s you, Mommy. You’re Mother Bear.”

As if you couldn’t tell by looking.

Cool Stuff

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Scott sent me this link to 50 Strange Buildings of the World. Some of them will really mess with your head. I’ve been in one of them! But how did I not know about the Kansas City Public Library? Awesome.

The backyard art bag has been an even bigger hit than I expected. It has become the Paint Anywhere, Anytime bag. Rilla seems to mightily enjoy the independence it affords her: at any given moment she might be seen busily setting up her little workspace on the kitchen table or living room floor: painting board, a sippy cup of water, a piece of paper commandeered from the printer, and her paint set from the art bag. I think I’ll make it even easier and stock paper and painting boards in a kitchen drawer so it’s all right there together. I love to see her painting so much! And when she leads, Wonderboy usually follows.

Umami. Did you know about this? The “fifth taste”? Jane knew it existed—she read about it in a Muse article, of course. I read about it in a fascinating article by Rowan Jacobsen, author of Fruitless Fall, the book on bee colony collapse I mentioned last week—about which more later. Much, much more. Wow.

I think I had a bunch more links and tidbits I was going to share, but it’s my turn on the Wii Fit. Gotta go wake up my sleeping Mii. It’s been a while.