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This Week Was

February 5, 2010 @ 8:06 am | Filed under:

getting set up for Journey North (first batch of clues are out today, woohoo!)

• watching Beanie fall into Redwall

• wobbly steps growing more confident…suddenly this baby is EVERYWHERE

• LOST is back. I is happy.

• thinking and thinking about Carney and Winona

Candlemas with Mallomars

• George Mason and the Bill of Rights

Big Bad Bunny until I know it by heart

• magical red blooms on the amaryllis

lots of stuff to read online—Salinger, Apple, Macmillan, and Amazon kept me busy

• several kinds of waiting

• measuring cups scattered across the floor

• Rose’s blue ocean in a casserole dish

• Jane and Gulliver

• a phone call that made my week (I’m gonna be a godmother) 🙂 🙂

• Wonderboy and Rilla on stools at the counter with eye droppers and food-colored water (thanks for keeping them busy, Rose!)

• Rilla in clompy heels (“clip clops,” she calls them)

• old photos unearthed by my dad…look, there’s Rilla in 1971! (And could my parents be any cuter?)