“The Year of the Sketchbook”

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The doodling, listmaking sketchbook addict in me was intrigued by Monica Edinger’s post on the staggeringly talented David Macauley:

Certainly the man never stands still. He’s got a new book out next month, Built to Last, and was a scholar-in-residence at New York City’s Dalton School, where I teach, last year. For The Year of the Sketchbook every single person in the school was given a sketchbook and they were used in a myriad of ways. Urging us all to use sketching as a form of thinking, David worked with high school students, history teachers, kids of all ages doing all sorts of things. My fourth graders, for instance, sketched with David in assemblies and in more intimate settings, but they also used their sketchbooks on their own, say while listening to me read aloud, filling them up with ideas and drawings of all kinds.

Click through for the fascinating rest of the piece, plus photos of the mural Macauley drew on the school walls. Wonder if he’d consider a residency at Bonny Glen Academy? We’ve got some nice blank walls he could have a go at…

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    kimberlee says:

    wow! That is so cool! I’d love to turn some of my resident artists loose on my walls. Thanks for sharing – I have some big Macauley fans here. PS likely you already do this, but here’s my post on our family sketchbook: http://ponderedinmyheart.typepad.com/pondered_in_my_heart/2010/02/collective-family-journal.html

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    Nicole says:

    We just recently started keeping nature journals in earnest, and I soon after saw how the kids would pull them out on their own to capture their observations. I blogged about it here and am so delighted with this development. http://saintsinprogress.blogspot.com/2010/09/nature-journaling.html

    This sketching may be a natural next step, esp. for my oldest son who is a budding Macauley fan. I can’t wait to see what Kimberlee wrote about family sketchbook…