I Do Love a Good PT

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We’re having an October that feels like a proper October–which is to say, like an East Coast autumn, with lovely brisk weather. It’s not a typical San Diego October, which is usually a crispy month here, not a crisp one. Santa Anas gusting hot and dry. Wildfires. Brown lawns. Jack-o-lanterns turning to mush on the front stoop. I think October is the one month of the year when the rest of the country has us beat in the weather department.

I haven’t heard much Halloween chatter around the house yet. Rose mentioned it once, morosely, having just realized that she won’t be able to eat most of her favorite kinds of candy this year because of the braces. She did say she wants to dress up as Bast, the Egyptian goddess, this year. Beanie hasn’t decided yet. I haven’t decided what kind of candy I’m buying yet: my big Halloween decision.

Speaking of Egyptian mythology: Rick Riordan’s The Red Pyramid went over well with my three oldest. As did his new book, The Lost Hero, which hit the stores on Tuesday (same day as Carney, Winona, and Emily) and hit my kids’ eager hands about ten minutes later. The girls enjoyed watching Rick’s livecast on release day. He’s such an engaging speaker.

My CYBILs reading continues apace—though my tally lags way behind many of my fellow panelists, some of whom have already read 25 or 30 books. Or even more! Amazing. Today’s the last day to nominate titles, if you haven’t yet. Sherry made some suggestions for my category, YA fiction, if you’re stumped.

All sorts of delicious reading going on around here these days. I’m trying to keep a list of picture books and other stories I read to Rilla and Wonderboy. In the past week, more or less:

Shark vs. Train
Miss Suzy
Bedtime for Frances
Miss Nelson Is Missing
The Moon Jumpers

and yesterday we started My Father’s Dragon

That’s all I can remember right now.

Easier to remember: Rilla’s latest series of drawings. Shark. Unicornshark. Catshark. (That last one’s a princess. Obviously.)

She slipped me a little note yesterday: orange crayon, block letters. COM TO MY TEA PT. So that’s where I’ll be this morning, if you’re looking for me.

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  1. Ellie says:

    So I see the title of the post and click through, thinking, oh I don’t know, Wonderboy? PT? I mean, my life centers around my PT now, of course, and a good one is essential …

    I think I’d rather go to Rilla’s sort of PT, though!!

  2. Penny in VT says:

    My youngest is going to be Bast as well – good to know both coasts are covered.

    PT sounds good for our rainy afternoon – thanks to Rilla for a great idea!

  3. Hannah says:

    My youngest is about Rilla’s age, and oh how I dearly love the notes I get. Their spelling at this age is just wonderful; you can see the gears in their heads spinning away!

  4. Emily says:

    I JUST bought the Emily book! Can’t wait to read it! It’s the first one I’ve seen at my local B&N.

  5. Sally Thomas says:

    Oh, this is so timely! We’re doing ancient Egypt, and I’m scraping around for really good stuff to read, though — or perhaps because — my Egyptologists are younger (8 and 6).

    And deepest sympathy to your braces-wearer from mine. He got his on at the end of August, if memory serves me, or possibly the first week of September. Memory does not serve me that well. But tonight he was remarking that it’s hard to eat chicken off the bone, because the braces make you bounce right off.

    And I have a constant notewriter, too! She would have written, “Cum to miy t prte.”

    Happy reading.

  6. Melissa Wiley says:

    Ellie, I think of physical therapy every time I see it too! And it’s equally true that way. I do love a good physical therapist.