The Quieter the Blog, the Noisier the House, Probably

December 20, 2010 @ 9:34 pm | Filed under:

My dad teases me that whenever he and my mom come to visit, this blog gets quiet. This is, of course, a cause and effect. Who has time to blog when 1) there is my mother’s soup to devour; 2) there are small children to rein in just before they completely flatten their grandfather with affection and bouncing; and 3) there is my mother’s rocky road sheet cake to devour?

The fact that I spent most of the weekend in a cold-medicine haze didn’t help, either. My parents entertained the (coughing, sniffling) troops while I took a lot of naps. It has been raining here for days so the energy level in my living room was rather riotous, at times. This did not in any way deter me from taking the aforementioned naps.

I also read three CYBILs books, which is a very good thing since we are in the home stretch here, just a week or so to go before our panel’s powwow to finalize the shortlist. If you need me this week, look behind a book.

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  1. Helen says:

    Dear Melissa – sorry to hear you’re not so well with your cold – but I know you’ll get better VERY soon with such a great loving help around you:)
    Have a Great Christmas –
    May the Little Baby Jesus comes to your Home and Blesses You and All your Family!
    Love & hugs –

  2. Penny says:

    I hope you’re feeling better Lissa! And that you all have a Merry and sweet Christmas!

    Rocky Road cake? yum.