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Book News

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Sweet! I’ve been hinting about this for months, but I just got the green light to share the details re my forthcoming middle-grade novel. It’s called Not the Whole Truth and will be published by McElderry in 2012. I adore McElderry as an imprint and have been thrilled to bits over this news, and bursting because it takes so long to get through the contracts-pending stage to the OK now it’s official stage.

I’ve told you about my early reader, Fox and Crow Are Not Friends, which will be published by Random House in 2013. That one has made it through copyediting and is with the art department now. This is a seriously exciting stage of the game: waiting to see who the artist will be. Suspense!

Meanwhile, I’m toiling away at the YA I’m writing for Knopf. Where “toiling” = “marveling that I get to write this book that I have wanted to write for a really long time.” And also: “toiling.” Because it is hard work. But good-hard, you know?

I’ve had another nice bit of book news but it’s too soon to spill it yet. But this bit, I’ve already gotten a peek at the art, and I’m feeling rather swoony.