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Today’s Thicklebit comic is a particular favorite of mine…you may have heard the story here on Bonny Glen at some point. 🙂

And I was delighted to read my fellow GeekMom writer Amy Kraft’s take on Thicklebit at Wired today:

Each comic features one of those weird little moments. You know the ones I mean. Your kid says something strange and hilarious and you think, “How did I get here, in this moment, in this situation?”

We appreciate the shout-out!

In case you missed it, Scott wrote a post last week about how Thicklebit came into being. (I earned the title of webpixie over there because I’m always sneaking into his site and uploading pictures and reviews, since he never does it himself.  Ahem.)

A non-Thicklebit piece of news: tomorrow, yippee!, is launch day for Fox and Crow Are Not Friends. So excited to get to share it with everyone. But more on that tomorrow…