I know, right?

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I’m writing like crazy—everywhere but here. Not to mention spamming my Facebook friends with wedding photos today because Scott & I are celebrating our 19th anniversary.

He wrote a post about his proposal. Spoiler alert: I said yes.

Here’s my Mother’s Day present from Rilla: a quetzal, a spider monkey, and a kinkajou. (Tried to upload it here but WordPress is being persnickety.)

Happy mid-May already! Sheesh!

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  1. selvi says:

    Happy anniversary and many happy returns of the day!

  2. Ellie says:

    Rilla’s drawing is fabulous!

    (I got a painting of Saraswati from Calli 🙂 )

    Happy Anniversary!!

  3. John T says:

    Scott’s post is fantastic! Happy anniversary!

  4. Penny says:

    Happy Anniversary! (and nice job Rilla :))

  5. maria says:

    Agreeing, Scott’s post is fantastic, as was the quite perfect proposal. You two have to be the most wonderfully adorably romantic couple ever! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both!

    Rilla’s Mother’s Day gift is amazingly wonderful! Love it. 😀