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If you have a blog of your own, or a Tumblr or some other platform where you share things with the public (including a public FB page), would you share the link in the comments here? Even if you know I already know the link. 😉 (Other readers here may not.) I’d love to make sure none of my blog-friends are slipping through the cracks of my feed reader. Ever since I switched over to Feedly, I feel like something’s missing—even though I imported from Google Reader and all my subscriptions should be intact.

Feel free to tell us a little something about you and your site. But no pressure! I hereby declare Bonny Glen a certified Pressure-Free Zone.

Updated to add: your comments will probably get held up in moderation because of the links. Don’t worry if they don’t show up right away; just means I need to move them out of pending.

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  1. MaryG says:

    Lissa … my blog is tied to my website (which is primarily for my knitting stuff) but I also write on homeschooling and family stuff ….

    I also have Facebook:

    and Twitter (which I rarely use):

    and LinkedIn:

    There. Now you should feel more “in”!

    Sending hugs and congrats on the bevy of books you’ve got out … loved Prairie Thief!

  2. selvi says:

    I’m happy to declare myself. I’ve been reading your blogs for years, since before your trip west, since Wonderboy was small. I’m so inspired by it, the homeschooling, the writing and reading, everything!
    My blog is on-again off-again, nowadays mostly little stories I want to remember. I’m girding up my courage to write more openly about my thought life, as I used to when I started the blog.

  3. Charlotte says:

  4. Alysa says:

    I”m happy to share as well. I came to your site when we were on the Cybils Graphic Novels panel together. Though the bonny glen didn’t end up having as many GN reviews as I had expected, I just love it. Thanks for sharing your life and insights!


  5. Jen Robinson says:

    My blog is:
    My public FB page is:

    🙂 Jen

  6. Celeste says:

    I blog about Charlotte Mason home education at Joyous Lessons: .

  7. Melissa H says:

    I discovered you back when you were writing for ClubMom (which has been ages now in blog life). I still keep up my very random crafting/parenting/life blog at
    🙂 Melissa (the other Melissa. the one with the “Me” at the beginning 🙂

  8. tanita says:

    My personal site, Fiction, Instead of Lies, and then my team book blog, Finding Wonderland.

  9. mamacrow says:

    I blog about our home educating family life and whatever random musings pop into my head here –

  10. Dianna says:

    I wish I could remember how I first found your blog, but I can’t. I’ve been reading for a few years though!

    I blog at mostly about homemaking.

  11. Ellie says:

    Link through my username 🙂

    I blog about raising my children and homeschooling (high school! Gracious) and my faith journey and adjusting to disability after a brain tumor and books I read and life’s twists and turns ….

  12. Sandra says:

    I’ve only been blogging this year. I mainly detail our homeschooling journey, especially that of my 12 year old. You can find me at

  13. kort says:

    thanks for hosting this lovely compendium, Melissa! i can’t wait to make some visits in the coming days.

    i blog–mostly about our everyday life as a homeschooling family, that means books + nature walks + making things–over at i’m writing often there…trying to complete 300 posts in the year before i turn 40. it’s all about the numbers!

    peace keep you each and all.

  14. Maureen E says:

    Mine is mostly books, with a few crafts and oddities thrown in.

  15. sarah says:

    What a great idea, I’m sure I’ll find some kindred spirits by visiting these links.

    You know I’m at which I recently modified to focus on motherhood, homemaking, crafts, and a little homeschooling.

    I have my personal weblog at which is where you can find the real me. Ultimately I hope it’s where I’ll do all my blogging.

    I’m on twitter once in a blue moon or less under the username knitting the wind.

    I’m on pinterest too –

  16. Meredith says:

    I feel the same since switching to Feedly! My blog continues to be on hiatus, but I keep a Tumblr for interesting links:

  17. Karla Cook says:

    Mine is See ya there!

  18. Jennifer Fitz says:

    Happy to oblige! . I write about homeschooling, Catholic stuff, and a bazillion different ranty topics when I get around to it.

  19. Theresa Gonzalez says:

    My blog is at
    I just blog about our homeschooling stuff, which is a pretty eclectic mix of unschooling and project-based learning, with a little CM influence thrown in for good measure.

  20. Dell says:

    My name is Dell, and my blog is: PrairieFrog Blog

    It’s just a little family blog, and has been quite lately. I blog about homeschooling, family life, adoption, d-i-y health stuff, and just a hodgepodge–it’s not monetized or well targeted to a single demographic, just a slice of our quirky life. I’d love to have people hop on by and maybe it will motivate me to get out of the blogging slump and get posting again!

    I can’t remember when or how I first found your blog (It was Bonny Glen at the time), but I’ve been enjoying your posts for more than a decade.

  21. Jeanne Faulconer says:

    My homeschooling-ish, soccer-ish, writer-ish blog is At Each Turn —

  22. sherry says:

    I started reading your blog before you moved to California. Many thanks to you for introducing us to Journey North. We have 5 years of a JN homeschool co-op under our belt. My 16 yo son blogs about cars at I think so many years spent reading your blog inspired me to suggest blogging to him!

    On a separate note, could you send me a link to your homeschool blog? My computer was stolen today 🙁 and I had never put your blog through a reader, but just kept the tab open and typed the password. Needless -to- say, now I can’t! Thank you.

  23. Karen Edmisten says:


    I’m over here!
    In the corner!

    Blogging these days mostly about books, poetry, what works in our homeschool, writing, books (did I mention that already?), how weird it is to have a daughter in college and a daughter who’s a senior, and to know that next year I’ll be homeschooling just Ramona ….

    Did I mention that I like to blog about books?

    But you knew that.

  24. Jessica Snell says:

    I read your blog – and adore all the interesting links you post. I blog at – mostly about books and faith and family (and writing, and knitting, and . . . 🙂 ).

  25. KackyK says:

    Hi there. I first remember clicking through to a link to your post about your move. I think I got to it through Elizabeth or 4real. It was a great post. I remember thinking this chick is crazy driving all that way by herself. But oh the fun treats at every new state lines genius 😉

    I primarily blog about homeschooling and family stuff.

  26. Sherry says:

    Melissa, what a lovely collection of links to your readers. I want to go check them all out right now, but instead I must make breakfast. Anyway, I’m still blogging along at Semicolon, for 10 years now!

  27. lesley austin says:

    I’ve missed you, Lissa, but haven’t quite figured out if you are mostly blogging now at the newer homeschooling blog or if life has just been busy elsewhere!

    I’ve just moved my longtime Bower to my new Rosehip Bower at
    and will continue to post there about life, tho’ the slant is from that of a no-longer-homeschooling-or-caregiving woman in a large, lovely, sometimes too-empty house figuring out this part of the journey.

  28. Melissa Wiley says:

    I’ve been posting at the homeschooling blog two or three times a week, usually just quick updates about what we’ve done/read that day, but sometimes longer ones like this week’s geocaching notes. I continue to waffle over whether or not what I’m writing there could or should go here. 🙂 The quick daily notes sometimes feel reductive, since they sum up a day largely by a list of high-tide readings and such, and of course the day is so much fuller and richer than that. And yet I do find the quick list useful as a shorthand record of our readings. (Albeit an incomplete one! I can’t begin to keep up with everything the kids are reading.)

    At any rate, you (and all reading here) are welcome over there too! Feel free to ping me for the login info, anytime!

    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful links, everyone.

  29. rockinlibrarian says:

    I don’t know if I count, but since I’m reading this I guess I sort of do: I blog at though I’ve been avoiding it lately because of Too Many Other Things to Do (and yet, I STILL waste so much time online). It’s mostly just whatever (and whenever) I feel like saying something to the (theoretical) public that’s longer than a Tweet (or FB)– which is usually either something very philosophical, library/book related, or occasionally fannish. I DO have a Tumblr but it’s mostly just reblogging and commenting. My FB is generally friends-only, but I think you already follow me on Twitter.

    I found you, since other people are saying that, originally on GeekMom, and then it was neat to see how many Kidlitosphere contacts/followings/etc we had in common, too.

  30. Nancy says:

    oy, I can’t figure out how to ping you. but I’d love the login info for your homeschooling blog. thanks!

  31. Melanie B says:

    I blog at The Wine-Dark Sea. It’s a bit of everything: books, cooking, homeschooling, sewing, babies, toddlers, faith, education, gardening, poetry, field trips…..

  32. Katherine says:

    My blog is at I began as a way to keep distant family and afriends informed of what was going on with our family and evolved a bit over the years. It is still mostly about our family but includes homeschooling, personal reflections, field trips, etc.

  33. Jamie says:

    I am at and I think I have been reading your blog since 2005. Glad you are still at it.

  34. Kelly M. says:

    Hello Melissa, I’m a fairly new reader here; been spending bit of free time catching up on all your ‘Tidal Homeschooling’ posts. Plus I told my daughter that a homeschooling mom writes some of her newest favorite books so you might get some page views from her as well.
    You can find me at where I try to write humorously about everything I’m not doing well: mothering, getting dressed, cleaning, teaching, chauffeuring, crafts, etc.

  35. Cherie says:

    My blog is at which as you may be able to tell from the ip address, is about plant based food, & eating it.
    However, I read your blog because I love it, and I homeschool.

  36. kimberlee says:

    Greetings! I reckon you know I’ve been reading you for years, and that you are one of my girls’ favorite authors.
    I blog at but I’m not on FB or any other social site. I’ve been homeschooling my seven kids (one with DS) for a couple of decades, with three graduated now. Our lives revolve around books, music, art and our faith (ever so many books around here).

  37. Emily Thrasher says:

    Hey lady! I’ve been really lazy about it but I hope to be more active with my divafarmer blog and you know how to reach me on fb 🙂

  38. Edith Hope Fine says:

    Hi, kiddo–my FB public page for children’s writing info. is Edith Hope Fine, but you knew that already : )

  39. Mary Ann Scheuer says:

    Waving hi! I’m loving Feedly! Thanks so much for the tip a while back.

    I’m still blogging at Great Kid Books:


    Mary Ann

  40. Mama Squirrel says:

    Hello from your longtime fans in Ontario! We are the homesquirrelers at Dewey’s Treehouse, . (Just one left squirreling at home, though.)

  41. Laura Grace Weldon says:

    I too suffer from Google Reader-related issues. What a lovely invitation to share links! I’ve been reading what you write ever since we became GeekMom colleagues.

    On my author blog I write about homeschooling and learning, creative living, poetry, and other things that fascinate me.

    On our farm blog I occasionally post updates about our rural existence which have recently included the saga of a goose in love with my Honda and what cows like to do with leftover Jack-o-Lanterns.

    On my Free Range Learning facebook page I share way too many inspiring links, silly photos, and marginally relevant videos that have to do with learning and parenting.

    On my Subversive Cooking facebook page I share some food drollery, often vintage images.

  42. Nancy Piccione says:

    I’ve enjoyed seeing various other bloggers I “know” (at least one in real life-hi Jamie!) here. Melissa, I’m so grateful for Bonny Glen, your writing. and I’m still sad we were never able to have you as a virtual guest at the girls book group we hosted at our house many years ago. I blog at . It’s a mix of a books column/page I write for the local Catholic newspaper, and various other topics when I get the chance.

  43. Louise says:

    What a marvelous collection of links. Sometimes it pays to inexplicably miss a post for an entire week – now I have lots of happy blog-browsing to do this weekend!

    I blog, mostly about writing, at . I also have a FB author page but I’m probably most active on Twitter, where I’m pretty sure you already follow me. ( )

    I have rockinlibrarian to thank for finding out about you. She said “Hey, how is it that you aren’t already following Melissa, she loves Betsy and Tacy and especially Emily of Deep Valley,” and I said “SOLD.”

  44. Melissa Wiley says:

    So happy to have all these links collected in one place! Thanks for chiming in, everyone!

  45. Erin says:

    I do appreciate that you put “don’t be shy” in imperative voice right there in the tags, but it’s not really the kind of thing you can just *choose* not to be, you know? Or the world would be a different place for a whole lot of us, I’d say. And I wouldn’t be the absolute last person at the party. (Or the first person to leave.)

    At any rate, I have a little blog over at that I love sometimes and hate sometimes and write on sometmes about homeschool and sewing and kids and gardening, and oh, trying to stay sane amid it all. And I also appreciate your site and your homeschool hand-holding and your joie de vivre as well. When I think the phrase “we’re all in it together” you’re one of the folks in it with me.