Hijinks ensued

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So I was too busy enjoying the company of my home-too-briefly college girl and my beloved pal Kristen and her hubby and my goddaughter and the rest of my rowdy, riotous gang to REMEMBER TO TAKE ANY PICTURES (*smoke comes out of ears*)—but it seems Scott was clicking away during the frantic final moments of our feast preparation. (Who am I kidding. I was in the kitchen: all moments were frantic.) These just made me laugh and laugh. Which is exactly how I spent the holiday.









This last one is ridiculous but Scott made me include it because he likes how I go tharn. Which, too, is a fair representation of my state of mind while cooking: train rushing toward me and I’m frozen in my tracks. Help! Hrududu ain’t got nothin’ on gravy about to scorch.

(It didn’t. Whew.)

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  1. Amy says:

    Love these! 🙂 I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. maria says:

    Well, Lissa if you did not get this question the day after Thanksgiving, then you are doing okay in the kitchen. “Mum, whyyyyy is there a bag in the turkey?” asked my oldest as she was getting leftovers for lunch on Friday.
    Yes, in spite of my looking carefully and retrieving the neck from the turkey prior to roasting, I did manage to NOT find the bag with the rest of the internal bits. It was stuffed into a tiny cavity at the opposite end of the bird from the main cavity. A fact I was completely ignorant of, obviously.

  3. kimberlee says:

    These are great! When does your cooking show start? (I’m sure you’d have the best name for it too!)