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Having newly tidied-up files is having a shiny-sink effect on me: I’m just about caught up on all forms of desk-work now, including answering reader mail. Speaking of, how sweet is this Prairie Thief-inspired drawing a young reader made for me? I melted utterly.


Awesome job, Mara!

Now only some personal correspondence to catch up on (hi Brigid!!!) and a short list of work-related tasks. And then, wonder of wonders, my desk will be clear. For a little while, at least. I seem to be a person who enjoys organization in fits and starts.

The new combination of gCal for household chores + Remember the Milk for other (family or clerical) tasks & errands is working really well for me. And since I’ve volunteered to handle the cooking for the next month, I created a Meal Planning gCal too. Dinner prep has gone smoothly three nights in a row, which has got to be a lifetime record for me. 😉 WHO IS THIS KITCHEN WIZARD OCCUPYING MY SHOES, YOU GUYS? And how can I keep her around?

(Prepare for the inevitable crash. It’ll be another chai tortilla soup-caliber disaster next week, you know it will.)

Meanwhile, work rolls on. Got another talk to write (this one on writing, happening in October); some books to review; some articles to edit; and oh yeah, a novel to polish. Especially the ending. But let’s not speak of that, shall we?


(The secret to my peace of mind: vicious compartmentalization.)

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  1. Penny says:

    So inspiring. I hope the kitchen wizard visits me!

    Off to clean my desk… 🙂

  2. tanita says:

    Heh. I’m still mournful over the loss of that lovely tea… I’m sure you could have done something with that chai-chicken combo…

    Is it wrong that I await the next amusing disaster? Why, yes. Yes, it is…

  3. Alysa says:

    Haha! I just barely finished reading Gone With The Wind for the first time, last night (past my bedtime). So I can’t help but laugh at that banner. And I’m now going to go look into those classes… 😀