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inkblot rhino

ARGH, when did I go from being a daily blogger to a weekly one? When I took on so much extra work, I suppose. It’s just so. very. busy. right now. But busy is good—busy is kids with full lives and writers with full workloads.

Busy is I got my manuscript back from my editor, so I’m in revision territory now, and that’s absorbing.

Busy is Journey North Mystery Class! Which we finished today with our usual awesome party full of lively presentations and unusual food. Delicious in every way.

Busy is the three (!) homeschooling classes I’m teaching! Two literature and one writing class—I suppose if you count Journey North, which I lead (but my friend Erica hosts at her house, and in my opinion that’s the hardest part), that makes four classes. Except (as I mentioned) JN is done now, so only three. We’re having a lot of fun. I teach because I love. The reading, the discussion, the kids—oh, most of all, these energetic, deep-thinking kids.

Busy is my roster of Other Jobs—the grantwriting gig, the website maintenance gig, the editorial gig. You know, the day jobs that make the writing life possible.

Busy is Sketchbook Skool and my commitment to daily drawing. (The rhino up there was for an assignment—splatter some ink on the page and turn it into a drawing. He’s scribbly on purpose. Also because I’ve never drawn a rhino before and I was winging it.)

Busy is when the neighbor kids are on spring break and therefore practically living at my house during daylight hours. We have become That House!

Busy is evening IM chats with Jane and full days with the rest of the gang. And morning walks with Scott, because no matter how busy All the Busy is, it’s never too busy for that. 🙂

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  1. sarah says:

    You sure are busy – I feel quite tired just reading all of this! But it sounds like a wonderful, happy kind of busy 🙂 And I envy you being That House. I had a brief spell of my home being a popular destination when we had a swimming pool. There were days when young children were in the pool or the garden, teens were playing board games at my living room table, and mothers were drinking tea in my sitting room. But then we moved to a new city and a house with only boring rose bushes, and everything got quiet again.

    I love your rhino, by the way.

  2. maria says:

    Woman! Your rhino rocks! It looks like a design hanging in a gallery or in a cool book or book cover! Or on an insanely overpriced high end tee! No apologising for that drawing at all!

    And your busy life sounds wonderfully so. 🙂

  3. Katy says:

    I would love for you to share more about what you do during your Journey North time. I led asmall (3 kids) group doing it this year and it took almost all of our time to just get them figuring out the photo period (they are on the younger side).

    I read through all the info, but would love to hear more details of what you do in your group, how the time is broken up, what they do on their own, etc. jar keep it in mind for sometime 🙂

    Also, it would seem like it would be much easier in subsequent years (since they know what it means if light it increasing it decreasing, etc), so wondering if it gets too routine for some of them, or just how you keep it fresh (or maybe it doesn’t need it?)?