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Sunday Evening Post

November 24, 2019 @ 8:17 pm | Filed under:

Five things I did today:
• Cleaned my studio, top to bottom.
• Tended all my houseplants, rescuing a few I neglected during the past two months of an intense workload.
• Went for a nice walk with Scott: intermittent sunshine, crisp air, still some red leaves clinging to the trees—most branches now bare.
• Doctored Huck after he collided hard with a slide rail at the playground.
• Caught up on Kortney’s blog. Her Homeschool MFA series is a delight.

Five things I saw today:
• A new bird at the feeder—I’m 99% sure it was a Bewick’s wren. Didn’t get a picture. But Rilla saw it last week, so hopefully it will return. Cute little thing, a warm brown with a bright white eyebrow and that distinctive wren beak.
• A chubby little bulldog out for a walk with his owners. He was the funniest guy—kept giving short bursts of speed as if he were going to break into a run, but after two or three steps he had to slow back to a walk. Running, it seems, is more of an aspiration than an achievable outcome for this doggo.
• Blue ink stain on my finger: my fountain pen is leaking again.
• Scott, appearing in the doorway with a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. I’d marry him again right this minute.
• A ten-dollar bill in the bottom of my boot—the boots I wear every day! This is a complete mystery. I moved them into the hall while I was cleaning the studio, and later I noticed the money crumpled in the bottom. Is the Boot Fairy a thing?